Decision expected on whether Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis can remain

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A ruling is expected coming successful Trump’s Georgia predetermination interference lawsuit surrounding Willis and her expertise to enactment connected nan trial. NBC’s Laura Jarrett joins "TODAY" pinch analysis.

Here's what you whitethorn person missed successful Trump's cases successful Florida and New York yesterday

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Judge Aileen Cannon heard arguments yesterday in Florida successful Trump's classified documents case. Attorneys for Trump based on nan charges against nan erstwhile president should beryllium dropped, filing 2 motions to disregard nan case. The judge rejected one of those motions, saying Trump’s statement that nan main statute prosecutors are utilizing against him is unconstitutionally vague was premature.

Cannon besides seemed skeptical astir an statement made by Trump's lawyers to disregard nan lawsuit based connected nan Presidential Records Act. Lawyers for typical counsel Jack Smith’s agency disputed that argument.

New York

The Manhattan DA overseeing Trump's prosecution complete alleged hush money paid to a porn character soon earlier nan 2016 predetermination said successful tribunal documents yesterday that his agency doesn’t oppose delaying his hush money trial, which is presently scheduled to statesman March 25. Trump had antecedently requested a 90-day delay.

Bragg's filing, which suggests a 30-day delay, comes aft national prosecutors began turning complete tens of thousands of documents this period tied to their 2018 probe of erstwhile Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who is expected to service arsenic a cardinal witnesser successful nan trial.

McAfee confirms he will norm coming connected whether aliases not to disqualify Willis successful Trump's Georgia case

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McAfee said successful an interview pinch WSB-TV yesterday that he will norm connected whether aliases not to disqualify Willis from nan Georgia predetermination interference lawsuit against Trump.

“What tin you show america astir nan timing of your bid connected nan Fulton DA disqualification issue?” WSB-TV's Mark Winne asked McAfee yesterday.

“I made a committedness to everybody. These benignant of orders return clip to write. I request to opportunity precisely what I want to, and I scheme to instrumentality to nan timeline I gave everyone,” McAfee said.

“So this week?” Winne asked McAfee.

“Should beryllium retired tomorrow,” McAfee said.

McAfee first said during a March 1 hearing that he anticipated ruling connected nan matter "within nan adjacent 2 weeks."