Dean Phillips ends presidential campaign

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Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., has suspended his run for nan 2024 Democratic statesmanlike nomination, ending his longshot bid for nan White House.

"I'm going to suspend my run and I will be, correct now, endorsing President Biden because nan choices are truthful clear," he said successful a Minnesota power question and reply connected WCCO’s “The Chad Hartman Show.”

Phillips, 55, first launched his campaign past October to situation incumbent President Joe Biden. The three-term congressman said he had to tally against nan leader of his statement because he based on Biden would suffer to erstwhile President Donald Trump successful nan wide predetermination successful November. 

“I will not beryllium still, I will not beryllium quiet successful nan look of numbers that are truthful intelligibly saying we’re going to beryllium facing an emergency adjacent November,” Phillips said successful his announcement during an question and reply pinch CBS News past fall. 

Speaking to NBC’s “Meet nan Press” soon after, Phillips said, “Right now, if this predetermination was held today, President Biden would lose, and it is an existential threat to nan early of nan United States of America. That will not hap nether my watch.”

Phillips said that he wouldn’t “demean” aliases “undermine” Biden, though he criticized nan president’s handling of nan influx of migrants astatine nan confederate border. According to his run website, however, Phillips’ position connected nan issue seemed to align pinch Biden’s. It said he supports “enhanced separator security, a pathway to citizenship for those present now, and a streamlined process for those seeking to participate nan state legally.”

His views connected different issues specified arsenic abortion and nan system besides mirrored those of Biden’s. 

His determination to driblet retired comes aft he announced successful November that he wouldn’t tally for re-election to his House spot representing Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District. Before Phillips entered nan statesmanlike race, a Democratic National Committee member, Ron Harris, said that he would tally for Phillips’ House spot successful 2024. 

Phillips besides made clear while he was successful nan title that he wouldn’t tally for president arsenic an independent. 

The Minnesota Democrat did pull immoderate support astatine nan opening of nan superior season. A time earlier nan New Hampshire primary, nan state’s largest newspaper, nan New Hampshire Union Leader endorsed him for nan Democratic ticket.

He and GOP statesmanlike contender Nikki Haley were competing to summation nan support of nan aforesaid independent aliases undeclared voters successful nan state. 

In nan days starring up to nan primary, Phillips spent clip campaigning successful New Hampshire, including successful Nashua connected Saturday. He stated Biden shouldn’t beryllium moving again — particularly because he’s 81 years old. 

“We each cognize Joe Biden is simply a bully man. I respect him,” Phillips said. “But he should person passed nan torch. He should not beryllium moving again. His property Yes, his shape of life. He’s successful decline. We person very superior problems costs, chaos challenges facing this state successful this world. that I deliberation are awfully difficult for either of these 2 men to address.”

In Rochester New Hampshire connected Sunday, Phillips presented himself arsenic nan amended campaigner because he’s overmuch younger. “ Joe Biden has nary relationships pinch this procreation of caller recently elected members of Congress,” he said.  “He hasn’t been successful nan Senate for many, galore years.”

Phillips has served successful nan House since 2019 and is simply a personnel of nan Bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. 

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