Crunch talks in Egypt amid hopes for Gaza cease-fire by Ramadan

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Gazans: U.S assistance is ‘not capable for 1 family’

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Leila Sackur

As parachutes complete Gaza dropped nan first of U.S. assistance packages complete nan strip, civilians suffering from hunger warned that nan assistance did not astir spell acold enough.

Three subject planes dropped 66 pallets containing 38,000 meals successful Gaza connected Saturday. In December, nan U.N.’s Office for nan Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs predicted that by February each personification successful Gaza’s 2.2 cardinal organization would beryllium suffering from acute hunger and nutrient insecurity.

“Will this beryllium capable for a school? Will this beryllium capable for 10,000 people?” asked 1 man, showing NBC News reporters a azygous pre-packaged meal. “The parachute’s assistance is not capable for 1 family. This is nothing,” he added.

U.N. charismatic calls for sanctions connected Israel

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Leila Sackur

The United Nations’ typical rapporteur for nan correct to food, Michael Fakhri, has accused Israel of “intentionally starving” Palestinians successful Gaza, arsenic he warned that famine mightiness beryllium “already occurring.”

“The only measurement to end/prevent this famine is an contiguous ceasefire. And nan only measurement to get a ceasefire is to punishment Israel,” he added.

Earlier today, nan U.N. announced that astatine slightest 10 children successful Gaza had died of starvation, though it warned nan existent figures were apt higher.

Gaza's decease toll nears 30,500

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Leila Sackur

Gaza's decease toll roseate past 30,400 coming aft 90 group were killed overnight, according to nan Health Ministry.

The number of group injured by nan fighting besides roseate to 71,700, it added.

Death tolls successful Gaza are an estimate, owed to nan ample number of group still missing nether rubble and nan deficiency of entree for ambulance and hunt and rescue teams.

On Friday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin estimated that astatine slightest 25,000 Palestinian women and children unsocial had been killed successful Gaza since Oct. 7.

Rubymar sinking presents ‘far-reaching’ biology consequences successful Red Sea

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Leila Sackur

The sinking of nan Rubymar, a Belize-flagged, U.K.-owned vessel yesterday presents an “environmental risk” to nan Red Sea, officials said. The vessel was attacked by Houthi rebels successful February and had been leaking a mileslong slick of lipid into nan oversea since.

The ship’s cargo of astir “21,000 metric tons of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer” risks leaking into nan surrounding marine environment, U.S. Central Command said.

In a connection today, Greenpeace MENA Program Director Julien Jreissati warned of “far-reaching” ecological and biology consequences without urgent action and entree to nan shipwreck site.

“As good arsenic immoderate further leaks of substance lipid from nan engines, nan sinking of nan alloy could further breach nan hull, allowing h2o to interaction pinch nan thousands of tons of fertilizer, which could past beryllium released into nan Red Sea and disrupt nan equilibrium of nan marine ecosystems, triggering cascading effects passim nan nutrient web,” he added.

Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, nan overseas curate successful Yemen’s internationally recognized authorities successful Aden, said successful a station connected X: “The sinking of nan Rubymar is an biology catastrophe that Yemen and nan region person ne'er knowledgeable before.”

Israel progressively optimistic astir woody by commencement of Ramadan, Israeli charismatic says

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Raf Sanchez

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Lawahez Jabari

TEL AVIV — Israel is not sending a high-level delegation to cease-fire talks successful Cairo connected Sunday but is progressively optimistic a woody tin beryllium reached by nan commencement of Ramadan connected March 10, 1 Israeli charismatic told NBC News.

A Hamas delegation is successful Cairo coming for negotiations pinch officials from Egypt, Bassem Naim, a elder Hamas official, told NBC.

The imaginable woody is based connected a U.S. connection for a six-week cease-fire that was agreed to by Israel successful talks successful Paris successful precocious February. Hamas has not yet provided a general consequence to that framework, nan Israeli charismatic said, but whitethorn do truthful successful Cairo.

A 2nd Israeli charismatic said Hamas has besides not provided a database of which hostages stay alive, calling it a “key issue” successful nan talks that still remains unresolved.

A bloody incident successful Gaza City connected Thursday wherever dozens of Palestinians were killed has not slowed down cease-fire negotiations, 1 Israeli charismatic said. They added that location was aggravated U.S. unit connected each sides to scope an statement by nan commencement of Ramadan.

At slightest 10 children, and apt more, person starved to decease successful Gaza, UNICEF says

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Leila Sackur

“The kid deaths we feared are here,” Adele Khodr, UNICEF’s Middle East director, said successful a connection today.

At slightest 10 children successful Gaza person died of malnutrition and dehydration, Khodr said. However, “There are apt much children fighting for their lives location successful 1 of Gaza’s fewer remaining hospitals, and apt moreover much children successful nan northbound incapable to get attraction astatine all.”

“These tragic and horrific deaths are man-made, predictable and wholly preventable,” she added.

Separately, Gaza’s Ministry of Health said coming that 15 children had died of “malnutrition and dehydration” astatine Gaza’s Kamal Adwan hospital, and that wellness officials “feared for nan lives” of six much who were successful intensive attraction pinch acute diarrhea and dehydration.

Earlier this week nan U.N.’s Office for nan Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs warned nan Security Council that famine successful Gaza was “almost inevitable” without a cease-fire. In December, it predicted that each personification successful Gaza’s organization of 2.2 cardinal would look acute nutrient insecurity by February — nan highest stock of group facing this level of nutrient insecurity ever recorded worldwide.

Humanitarian assistance severely hampered by Israel’s ongoing subject violative and stringent separator information checks person contributed to “catastrophic” levels of hunger, according to nan U.N. and nan World Food Programme.

Protesters march against crushed penetration of Rafah successful 30 U.S. cities

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Leila Sackur

From San Francisco to Washington, D.C., demonstrators gathered nationwide connected Saturday to protestation Israel’s ongoing warfare successful nan Gaza Strip and against a imaginable crushed penetration of Rafah, successful confederate Gaza, wherever much than a cardinal Palestinians are taking refuge.

Images connected societal media showed thousands of group gathering contempt rainy and bedewed conditions successful San Francisco and Providence. Protesters successful New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts, carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, calling for nan authorities to extremity each subject assistance to Israel.

 Activists Demonstrate In NYC Calling For An Israeli Ceasefire In GazaProtesters successful New York yesterday.Spencer Platt / Getty Images

In Washington, D.C., hundreds gathered extracurricular nan Israeli Embassy to request an contiguous cease-fire and to commemorate U.S. serviceman Aaron Bushnell, who died past week aft mounting himself connected occurrence extracurricular nan embassy to protestation nan ongoing warfare successful Gaza.

Delegations from Hamas and Israel are walking to Cairo, Egyptian information root says

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Raf Sanchez

“High-level” delegations from Israel and Hamas are expected to get successful Cairo today, to reason talks for a Ramadan truce, an Egyptian information root told NBC News.

The root said that arsenic portion of nan talks, Israel whitethorn statesman to let nan introduction of 500 trucks regular of humanitarian assistance and substance into Gaza, and nan removal of wounded Palestinians done nan Rafah crossing.

IDF will committee enquiry into assistance convoy deaths, spokesperson says

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Leila Sackur

IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said coming that nan IDF had concluded an first reappraisal and “confirmed that nary onslaught was carried retired by nan IDF towards nan assistance convoy,” and that astir of nan group were killed by a stampede.

At slightest 118 were killed and much than 750 injured, according to nan Gaza Health Ministry.

He besides said a enquiry led by an “independent master and master body” will further analyse Thursday’s assistance convoy violence, successful which Israel has been accused of firing into nan crowds of group attempting to entree nutrient from assistance trucks.

Hagari reiterated that nan IDF “indicated that pursuing nan informing shots fired to disperse nan stampede and aft our forces had started retreating, respective looters approached our forces and posed an contiguous threat to them,” and that soldiers “responded” to “several individuals.”

Doctors, eyewitnesses and nan injured told NBC News that a mostly of those hospitalized presented pinch gunshot and artillery injuries. At a property convention yesterday, U.N. spokesperson for nan secretary-general Stéphane Dujarric said that U.N. teams astatine Al-Shifa Hospital assessing nan injured had besides seen a “large number” of gunshot wounds.

Kamala Harris to meet Benny Gantz adjacent week

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Leila Sackur

Vice President Kamala Harris will meet pinch Benny Gantz, a personnel of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's warfare Cabinet, connected Monday, according to White House officials, arsenic nan U.S. continues to push Israel for a cease-fire agreement.

President Joe Biden will not beryllium coming astatine nan meeting, officials said.

Harris is apt to talk nan urgency of a impermanent cease-fire woody and hostage exchange, nan request to rebuild Gaza, and nan distribution of enhanced assistance and humanitarian support successful nan strip, nan White House said. Talks betwixt Israel and Hamas toward a cease-fire were thrown into mobility past week aft 118 group were killed successful Gaza City while queuing for aid.

National information advisor Jake Sullivan will besides separately meet pinch Gantz, according to nan White House.

Nabulsi roundabout decease toll rises to 118

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Leila Sackur

Two much bodies person been recovered from nan Nabulsi roundabout successful Gaza City, wherever hundreds of group were killed and wounded aft Israeli forces opened occurrence adjacent a crowd trying to entree humanitarian assistance trucks, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

The find of nan bodies brings nan decease toll to 118, pinch complete 750 group injured during nan attack, nan ministry said, informing that nan decease toll is apt to emergence further successful coming days owed to nan deficiency of aesculapian and surgical instrumentality and oxygen astatine Gaza’s hospitals to dainty nan wounded.

Israel denies shooting into crowds of group attempting to entree assistance connected Thursday, and claims nan mostly of group were killed and injured by “overcrowding” and a crush attempting to flight aft nan IDF fired “warning shots” astatine a constricted mob that presented an unspecified threat to soldiers.

Eyewitnesses and doctors who said to NBC News said a ample number of group hospitalized presented pinch gunshot wounds.

Thousands subordinate Israeli hostage families successful march connected Jerusalem

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JERUSALEM — A march by thousands of Israelis demanding nan merchandise of hostages held successful Gaza reached Jerusalem coming arsenic negotiators prepared to resume cease-fire negotiations successful Cairo that would see a switch woody pinch Hamas.

Families And Supporters Of Hostages Conclude Four-Day Protest MarchSupporters of nan families of hostages successful Jerusalem past night. Alexi J. Rosenfeld / Getty Images

A file of protesters, led by families of hostages seized by Palestinian militants during Hamas’ deadly rampage done confederate Israel connected Oct. 7, walked up nan winding road to Jerusalem, arriving astatine nan metropolis astatine sundown.

Holding up Israeli flags, yellowish balloons and posters of nan hostages, they concluded a four-day march that began astatine 1 of sites deed by nan October attack, and were expected to beryllium joined by much protesters astatine a rally extracurricular Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence.

“We’re present marching successful support of nan families of those who are kidnapped, wishing that they will beryllium released soon and that they will beryllium safe. We’re praying for them successful each measurement that we take,” said Danny Cuperman, 1 of nan marchers.

Gaza truce talks are expected to resume successful nan Egyptian superior connected Sunday. U.S. President Joe Biden has said he hopes a cease-fire will beryllium successful spot by nan clip of nan Muslim fasting period of Ramadan, which starts connected March 10.

Dozens of hostages could beryllium freed if a woody is reached.

Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Jill Biden’s ‘Women for Biden-Harris’ tour

TUCSON, Ariz. — First woman Jill Biden said for only 14 minutes connected nan 2nd limb of her “Women for Biden-Harris” tour — but that didn’t extremity pro-Palestinian protesters from interrupting her remarks 4 abstracted times. 

“It’s a genocide, Jill!” yelled 1 of nan 4 demonstrators successful Tucson connected Saturday greeting arsenic he was being forcibly escorted retired of nan venue by security.

The main attraction of nan first lady’s remarks was expected to beryllium connected women’s issues, including abortion rights, which could be on nan ballot successful Arizona come November.

“Extremist Republicans led by Donald Trump are passing laws that forestall women from getting nan wellness attraction they need, including IVF,” said Biden.

But wrong 13 seconds of opening her remarks, nan first protester piped up.

Less than 2 minutes later, nan 2nd followed. And wrong 30 seconds of nan 2nd disruption, nan first woman offered an mentation for keeping her quality location truthful short.

“I’m sorry to person to travel and spell truthful quickly,” said Biden.

“Wind storms successful Nevada are impacting my travel,” she added conscionable aft nan demonstrator was hauled retired of nan theater.

Read nan afloat communicative here.

U.S. humanitarian assistance airdrop ‘absolutely incomprehensible,’ says Amnesty International situation consequence adviser

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Katherine Itoh

The U.S. humanitarian assistance airdrop into Gaza connected Saturday is “absolutely incomprehensible” and “completely insufficient,” an Amnesty International advisor says.

“The determination of nan United States to present humanitarian assistance to Gaza via airdrop is perfectly incomprehensible. It makes nary consciousness whatsoever,” elder situation consequence advisor Donatella Rovera told NBC News.

“Airdrops are only a past edifice successful situations wherever it is intolerable to present assistance either by road, by oversea aliases by immoderate different agreed means,” Rovera added.

The roadworthy web is excellent, and nan full magnitude of nan Gaza Strip is simply a coastline, according to Rovera. The problem lies successful nan U.S. being “unable to muster nan governmental will” to present assistance successful a much businesslike manner.

“The truth is that nan United States management has an tremendous magnitude of leverage complete Israel. The only logic why humanitarian assistance isn’t getting successful done nan normal intends is because nan Israeli authorities opportunity no,” Rovera stated.

IDF says airdropping assistance makes ‘fighting possible’

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Katherine Itoh

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Lina Dandees

The airdropping of humanitarian assistance successful Gaza alleviates nutrient shortages and “makes nan fighting possible” for nan Israel Defense Forces.

“Today, American and Jordanian planes dropped further assistance passim nan Strip. This is an effort that makes nan fighting possible,” IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said successful a connection Saturday.

“Following nan incident during which dozens of Palestinians were killed during nan introduction of assistance trucks to nan bluish Gaza Strip connected Thursday morning, we are investigating this incident,” Hagari added.

Claims of purposefully destroying nan assistance convoy and deliberately harming group person nary foundation, nan IDF claims. It said it will coming findings pursuing its investigation of nan incident.