Criminal justice advocate arrested after human torso is found in NYC apartment

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A erstwhile convict who became a criminal justness betterment advocator was arrested connected respective charges including execution aft constabulary recovered a quality torso successful a Bronx flat while conducting a use check.

The gruesome find was made Tuesday conscionable earlier 8:30 p.m. astatine a Summit Avenue apartment, nan New York City Police Department said successful a news release.

"Upon arrival, officers recovered an unidentified quality torso astatine nan location. EMS responded and pronounced nan aided deceased connected scene," constabulary said.

The unfortunate was identified arsenic Collin Small, 44. The torso was recovered astatine Small's apartment.

The suspect, Sheldon Johnson, was arrested Thursday and charged pinch murder, manslaughter, limb possession, concealment of a quality corpse, and criminal contempt, online records show. He was arraigned Thursday and pleaded not guilty.

Johnson, 48, had antecedently spent 25 years successful situation for attempted execution erstwhile he was a high-ranking personnel of nan Bloods gang, NBC New York reported.

After his release, he began moving for nan Queens Defenders agency arsenic a customer advocate. The agency declined to remark connected Friday.

In February, he appeared connected “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast wherever he talked astir really he had turned his life astir pursuing his clip successful prison.

“One point I learned really really quickly erstwhile I sewage to situation was that situation does 2 things to you: it brings retired nan champion aliases it brings retired nan worst,” he said.

Police officials said a neighbour reported proceeding gunshots coming from Small's flat and saw a man coming and going from nan building aggregate times, carrying cleaning supplies, according to NBC New York.

Sheldon Johnson.Sheldon Johnson.WNBC

Surveillance video extracurricular nan apartment's beforehand doorway showed a man carrying cleaning supplies and a afloat achromatic garbage bag, nan news position reported.

Law enforcement sources told NBC New York that it was Johnson connected nan surveillance video and erstwhile officers searched his flat they recovered nan victim's head, arms and legs successful nan freezer.

The aesculapian examiner will find Small's origin of death.

Johnson is being held without bail. His lawyer could not beryllium reached for remark connected Friday.

Minyvonne Burke

Minyvonne Burke is a elder breaking news newsman for NBC News.