Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott sues woman over alleged $100 million extortion plan

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Dallas Cowboys backmost Dak Prescott has revenge a suit against a female he claims tried to extort him retired of $100 cardinal by alleging he sexually assaulted her aft his rookie season.

The suit, revenge Monday successful Collin County, Texas, names nan female who made nan claims arsenic a suspect arsenic good arsenic her attorneys Bethel Zehaie and Yoel Zehaie.

“This lawsuit arises retired of a blatant effort by [the woman] and her ineligible squad to extort plaintiff Dak Prescott by weaponizing patently false, yet heinous intersexual battle allegations pinch nary ground successful reality,” nan suit said.

Attempts by NBC News to scope nan female on pinch her lawyers were unsuccessful Wednesday. NBC News doesn’t typically sanction alleged intersexual battle victims.

“Dak and his lawyers are trying to beryllium bullies and play hardball and unfortunate blame,” Bethel Zehaie said successful a connection to The Washington Post. “We are not acrophobic of nan truth.”

Around February 13, Prescott’s representatives received correspondence from nan woman’s ineligible counsel, accusing Prescott of sexually assaulting her successful February 2017 pursuing his rookie play pinch nan Dallas Cowboys, nan suit states.

The female requested $100 cardinal successful speech for foregoing pressing criminal charges and going nationalist pinch nan allegations, nan suit said.

“We will not let nan suspect and her ineligible squad to profit from this effort to extort millions from Mr. Prescott,” Prescott’s attorney, Levi McCathern, said successful a statement.

On Monday, Bethel Zehaie told NBC 5 successful Dallas that nan alleged intersexual battle happened successful 2017 extracurricular XTC Cabaret.

The suspect didn’t activity astatine nan Dallas nine and did not record a constabulary study astatine nan time, Zehaie told nan station. The ineligible squad added that they would beryllium filing a criminal title connected behalf of nan accuser.

“Sexual battle is simply a bad crime that nary personification should ever endure,” nan suit said, adding that Prescott is simply a caller begetter to a babe woman and has awesome empathy for survivors of intersexual assault.

The defendants’ “horrible lies not only frighten to destruct nan morganatic bequest of a awesome man and costs him tens of millions of dollars, but defendants’ behaviour is criminal,” nan suit said. Prescott seeks $1 cardinal successful damages, lawyer fees and tribunal costs.

Presctott’s lawyers said allegations specified arsenic nan ones presented to him successful nan alleged extortion crippled tin forestall intersexual battle survivors from coming forward.

“False claims successful this respect undermine nan courageousness of existent intersexual battle survivors everyplace arsenic good arsenic nan legitimacy of nan horrific traumas they person endured,” nan suit said.

In 2021, Prescott signed a four-year woody pinch nan Cowboys worthy $160 million, NBC Sports reported.

Deon J. Hampton

Deon J. Hampton is simply a nationalist newsman for NBC News.