County exec sues New York over order to rescind his ban on transgender female athletes

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MINEOLA, N.Y. — A Republican charismatic successful New York City’s suburbs who prohibited transgender athletes from participating successful girls and women’s sports competitions has asked a national tribunal to affirm that he has nan powerfulness to instrumentality nan ban.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said successful a suit revenge Tuesday that the “cease and desist” letter issued by authorities Attorney General Letitia James violates nan U.S. Constitution’s “equal protection” clause, which is enshrined successful the 14th Amendment.

He based on that rescinding his Feb. 22 executive order would contradict “biological females’ correct to adjacent opportunities successful athletics” arsenic good arsenic their “right to a safe playing field” by exposing them to accrued consequence of wounded if they’re forced to compete against transgender women.

“We group distant this argumentation was because of unfair competitory advantage that males have,” Blakeman said Wednesday, during a news convention astatine his agency successful Mineola. “They’re bigger, faster and stronger. It’s a technological fact.”

He was joined by a 16-year-old female volleyball subordinate who lives successful Nassau County and her parents, who are besides plaintiffs successful nan lawsuit.

James’ agency connected Wednesday echoed earlier statements calling nan bid “transphobic and discriminatory.”

On Friday, James threatened legal action if Blakeman didn’t rescind nan bid successful a week, arguing that nan section bid violates New York’s anti-discrimination laws and subjects women’s and girls sports teams to “intrusive and invasive questioning” and different unnecessary requirements.

Blakeman connected Wednesday countered that national rule supersedes authorities law.

In immoderate case, he argued, nan bid does not outright prohibition transgender individuals from participating successful immoderate sports successful nan county, arsenic transgender female athletes will still beryllium capable to play connected antheral aliases co-ed teams.

“Transgender athletes person galore avenues to compete,” he said. “So we’re nary precluding anyone, we’re not denying anybody.”

Blakeman said truthful far, nary teams person applied for a licence nether nan caller order, which went into effect immediately, arsenic licensing for seasonal sporting events is conscionable ramping up.

He besides said he’s not alert of immoderate section teams trying to section transgender athletes successful female sports.

“It hasn’t happened yet, but do we request thing to hap earlier we return action?” Blakeman said. “Absolutely not.”

Blakeman’s bid requires immoderate sports teams, leagues, programs aliases organizations seeking a licence from nan county’s parks and recreation section to “expressly designate” whether they are male, female aliases coed based connected their members’ “biological activity astatine birth.”

It covers much than 100 sites successful nan densely populated region adjacent to New York City, from ballfields to hoops and tennis courts, swimming pools and crystal rinks.

The executive bid followed scores of bills enacted successful Republican-governed states over nan past fewer years targeting transgender people.

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