Congress eyes votes on major government funding bill to avoid shutdown this weekend

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WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders released a monolithic authorities backing measure pinch plans to walk it and avert a shutdown up of a precocious Friday deadline.

The 1,050-page legislation, released Sunday, would support nan authorities unfastened until October. It's a package of six appropriations bills that were negotiated betwixt nan Republican-led House and Democratic-controlled Senate, pinch President Joe Biden's support.

House Republicans are eying a ballot connected nan measurement Wednesday done a fast-tracked process that requires a two-thirds mostly to pass, according to a activity aide. That satisfies Speaker Mike Johnson's committedness to springiness members astatine slightest 72 hours to publication nan bill.

Then it would spell to nan Senate, wherever it will request unanimous consent to ballot quickly and require 60 votes to guarantee passage.

The measure represents a bid of painstaking compromises that came astir halfway done nan fiscal twelvemonth aft 4 stopgap bills to widen nan deadline. It gives each statement thing to tout.

Republicans highlighted cuts to nan FBI, Environmental Protection Agency and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; much backing for nan Drug Enforcement Agency; measures that bolster weapon authorities for veterans; and restrictions connected lipid income to China. Republicans noted that this was nan first clip since 2018 that nan authorities was not funded done 1 monolithic omnibus package.

"House Republicans secured cardinal blimpish argumentation victories, rejected left-wing proposals, and imposed crisp cuts to agencies and programs captious to nan President Biden’s agenda," Johnson, R-La., said successful a statement.

Democrats celebrated that nan measure afloat costs nan "WIC" programme — nutrient assistance for women, infants, and children — arsenic good arsenic provides rental assistance, a firefighter salary raise and caller investments successful caller aerial postulation controllers.

Speaking to reporters successful New York connected Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was moving astir nan timepiece trying to hammer retired nan specifications of nan package.

"I was up till 3 successful nan greeting trying to trade this. The negotiations were rather intense. I said to Speaker Johnson respective times, but it’s a bully thing," Schumer, D-N.Y., said.

"Of people nan timepiece is now ticking. We person to walk this measure by Friday," he added. "But nan truth that nan 4 leaders — House, Senate, Democrat and Republican — person reached an statement bodes good that nan authorities will not tally retired of costs and unopen down by Friday."

The package covers backing for nan Departments of Agriculture, Justice, Commerce, Interior and various different agencies. It doesn't see backing for nan remainder of nan government, including nan Pentagon and State and Homeland Security departments, which faces a March 22 deadline. Congressional leaders still haven't reached a woody connected that tranche of funding.

When asked astir nan prospects of securing statement connected nan adjacent tranche of backing bills, House Appropriations Chair Kay Granger, R-Texas, responded pinch 1 word: “Harder.”

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