Confusion reigns as Princess Kate appearance advert removed from British army website

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Also known arsenic nan King's Birthday Parade, nan Trooping of Colour is accepted show of subject pomp and pageantry dates backmost to nan 17th period and features 1,400 troops connected horseback and connected foot, including 400 service musicians.

The soldiers would beryllium “reviewed by her royal highness nan Princess of Wales,” nan listing said, advertizing tickets for betwixt 5 pounds ($6.36) and 15 pounds ($19.09). King Charles III is owed to reappraisal troops successful an almost identical arena nan pursuing play connected June 15.

“The soldiers will beryllium inspected by Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales, Colonel Irish Guards,” nan arena listing said, referring to her honorary subject title, antecedently held by Prince William.

The listing now simply refers to nan arena arsenic "The Colonel's Review," pinch nary mention of Kate by sanction nor immoderate definitive confirmation she will beryllium there.

The princess was pictured this week successful a achromatic SUV driven by her mother adjacent Windsor Castle.

The king, 75, was diagnosed pinch cancer pursuing a aesculapian process successful February, but he has continued pinch royal duties down nan scenes while skipping immoderate in-person appearances.

Patrick Smith

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