Comedian Nick Swardson blames edibles, alcohol, altitude for getting booed offstage in Colorado

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Comedian Nick Swardson is blaming intoxicant and edibles for his flop standup show successful Colorado complete nan play that saw him booed and escorted disconnected stage. 

Swardson, who is known for his activity connected respective Adam Sandler productions specified arsenic “Just Go With It” and for his domiciled successful nan drama bid “Reno 911!,” performed astatine nan Vilar Performing Arts Center successful Beaver Creek, connected Sunday. 

But, his show apparently wasn’t a deed pinch nan fans arsenic he rambled connected without getting to impressions and nan restless crowd shouted and booed.

On Monday Swardson addressed nan show connected X, writing, “Just casually woke up connected TMZ. Travel tip: don’t portion and return edibles successful precocious altitude. F------ encephalon diarrhea."

"I’ll make it up to you Beaver Creek!" he added.

Video of nan capacity posted connected societal media showed Swardson saying he’ll do an belief of Jason Statham successful nan 2024 movie “Beekeeper” and goes connected for respective seconds saying “here we go, present we go, alright, present we go” without getting to nan existent impression.

The crowd appeared to beryllium restless aft complete a infinitesimal of this, shouting, whistling and booing. At 1 constituent nan prima asked nan crowd: “Do you want maine to decorativeness this aliases no?” And group shouted backmost loudly, “No!” 

Another clip showed nan lights successful nan theatre move connected and nan spotlight connected Swardson connected nan shape turned off, on pinch his mic. A man past appeared connected shape and said to Swardson, and he walked disconnected shape pinch a wave. 

A man who identified himself arsenic nan head of operations took nan shape and apologized for nan show. 

“We decided to reason nan show early successful nan champion interests of those who bought tickets,” nan man said. “We apologize for what you’ve seen tonight. Please email nan container office. They’ll beryllium responding to inquiries and processing credits and refunds. We apologize.”

Some group successful nan crowd appeared to beryllium upset nan show was trim disconnected early. 

Representatives for Swardson and nan Vilar Performing Arts Center did not instantly respond to NBC News requests for comment.

Marlene Lenthang

Breaking News Reporter