College swimmers and volleyball players sue NCAA over transgender policies

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ATLANTA — Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was among much than a twelve assemblage athletes who revenge a suit against nan NCAA connected Thursday, accusing it of violating their Title IX authorities by allowing transgender female Lia Thomas to compete astatine nan nationalist championships successful 2022.

The lawsuit, revenge successful U.S. District Court successful Atlanta, specifications nan daze Gaines and different swimmers felt erstwhile they learned they would person to stock a locker room pinch Thomas astatine nan championships successful Atlanta. It documents a number of races they swam successful pinch Thomas, including nan 200-yard last successful which Thomas and Gaines tied for 5th but Thomas, not Gaines, was handed nan fifth-place trophy.

Thomas swam for Pennsylvania. She competed for nan men’s squad astatine Penn earlier her gender transition.

Another plaintiff, Tylor Mathieu of Florida, vanished ninth successful nan preliminary heats of nan 500 free, which near her 1 spot from swimming successful nan last that Thomas would spell connected to win. Thomas was nan first openly transgender jock to triumph a Division I title successful immoderate sport, finishing successful beforehand of 3 Olympic medalists for nan championship. By not making nan final, Mathieu was denied first-team All-American honors successful that event.

Other plaintiffs included athletes from volleyball and track.

The suit said nan plaintiffs “bring this lawsuit to unafraid for early generations of women nan committedness of Title IX that is being denied them and different assemblage women” by nan NCAA.

“College sports are nan premier shape for women’s sports successful America, and while nan NCAA does not remark connected pending litigation, nan Association and its members will proceed to beforehand Title IX, make unprecedented investments successful women’s sports and guarantee adjacent title successful each NCAA championships,” nan NCAA said successful a statement.

Critics contend transgender athletes person an advantage over cisgender women successful competition, though extensive investigation is still mostly lacking on elite athletics and virtually nonexistent erstwhile it comes to determining whether, for instance, a sophomore transgender woman has a clear advantage complete her cisgender opponents aliases teammates.

In 2022, nan NCAA followed nan lead of nan U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and revised its policies connected transgender jock information to effort to align pinch nationalist sports governing bodies.

The 3rd shape of nan revised argumentation adds nationalist and world sports governing assemblage standards to nan NCAA’s rules and is scheduled to beryllium implemented for nan 2024-25 schoolhouse year.

The suit besides lists nan University of Georgia strategy arsenic a suspect because 1 of its schools, Georgia Tech, hosted nan 2022 championships. The suit seeks to halt nan NCAA from employing its transgender eligibility policies “which adversely effect female athletes successful usurpation of Title IX” astatine upcoming events being held successful Georgia.

Representatives from nan Georgia schools said they had not been served pinch nan suit and would not comment.

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