Christie Brinkley says she’s received treatment for ‘early’ skin cancer diagnosis

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Christie Brinkley is informing her followers to beryllium “diligent pinch your sun protection” aft she was diagnosed pinch tegument cancer.

The model, 70, announced her test Wednesday connected Instagram, accompanied by schematic images of a gaping coiled connected her temple, which she besides photographed stitched up and bandaged.

“The bully news for maine is we caught nan basal compartment Carcinoma early. And I had awesome Doctors that removed nan crab and stitched maine up to perfection for illustration an haute couture Dior,” Brinkley wrote successful her caption.

Basal compartment carcinoma is simply a type of tegument cancer, per nan Mayo Clinic. It originates successful basal cells, a type of compartment recovered successful nan skin. Typically, basal compartment carcinoma takes shape arsenic a bump connected nan tegument and is often caused by vulnerability to sunlight.

In her post, Brinkley said her type of crab “can beryllium avoided” and shared a connection astir nan value of sun protection, thing she said she “got serious” astir “a spot late.”

“Now for this ole mermaid/gardener, I’ll beryllium slathering connected my SPF 30, reapplying arsenic needed, wearing agelong sleeves and a wide brim hat. And doing regular full assemblage cheque ups..that is simply a MUST !” Brinkley wrote.

Brinkley said she was “lucky” a expert recovered nan basal compartment carcinoma while she accompanied 1 of her children to their appointment.

“At nan VERY extremity I asked if he could conscionable look astatine a small mini dot I could consciousness arsenic I applied my foundation. He took a look and knew instantly it needed a biopsy! He did it past and there!” she said.

She concluded her station by thanking her doctors astatine New York’s Laser & Skin Surgery Center.

Brinkley has been unfastened astir embracing aging and is speedy to respond to antagonistic comments astir her appearance.

In June 2023, she took to Instagram to telephone retired nan “Wrinkle Brigade.” She clarified that nan word refers to “people that scan celebrities’ pages, hoping to find immoderate cellulite, wrinkles, aliases thing that they tin constituent to to critique.”

“It must beryllium (some) shape of compensation for thing they are lacking,” Brinkley said. “But erstwhile those group appear, location are others who popular up pinch messages truthful benignant and valuable. Those are nan comments that reconstruct my religion and make my bosom sing!”

Maddie Ellis, TODAY

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