China starts big annual meeting with a surprise move as economic concerns dominate

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BEIJING — China delivered a astonishment connected nan eve of its large yearly governmental event, scrapping a longstanding contented successful a move that whitethorn do small to easiness global concerns astir nan destiny of nan world's second-largest economy.

Beijing said Monday that nan country’s premier would not beryllium holding a news convention astatine nan adjacent of nan National People’s Congress (NPC), eliminating a uncommon opportunity for journalists from astir nan world to inquire questions of a apical Chinese leader astatine a clip of economical uncertainty astatine location and rising tensions pinch nan United States and others.

Though mostly ceremonial, nan yearly gathering of China’s legislature is nan country’s biggest governmental arena of nan year. For nan past 30 years, it has ended pinch a wide-ranging news convention by nan premier, China’s No. 2 charismatic aft President Xi Jinping.

But this year, Premier Li Qiang will not beryllium taking questions, nan spokesperson for nan legislature said connected nan eve of nan meeting, which runs until March 11.

“Barring immoderate typical circumstances, this statement will proceed for nan remainder of this word of nan NPC,” nan spokesperson, Lou Qinjian, said astatine a news convention successful Beijing. He did not explicate further but said location would beryllium much briefings by different authorities ministers alternatively connected diplomacy, nan system and people’s livelihoods.

The existent legislative word is expected to past until 2027.

Projecting assurance successful China’s economy, nan world’s second-largest aft nan United States, is simply a cardinal nonsubjective for Chinese officials arsenic nan gathering of almost 3,000 delegates from crossed nan state opens Tuesday.

“Overall, China has much favorable conditions than challenges successful its economical development,” Lou, nan NPC spokesperson, said Monday. “The underlying inclination of a rebound successful nan system and semipermanent maturation remains unchanged. We person ample assurance connected that.”

As is customary, nan legislative convention will statesman pinch Li presenting nan authorities activity report, which is expected to see this year’s target for economical growth.

But nan scrapping of his news convention could amplify fears among investors who are already concerned astir China’s economical slowdown, peculiarly since nan premier is nominally successful complaint of nan economy. It whitethorn besides beryllium a hint of Xi's expanding monopoly connected power complete nan country's sprawling bureaucracy.

It’s “a pity and a missed opportunity for argumentation communication,” Bert Hofman, an adjunct professor astatine nan National University of Singapore’s East Asian Institute, said successful a post connected X.

News conferences by past Chinese premiers “were often very meaningful, and helped amended nan knowing of China’s policies,” he added.

On Monday, Xi, Li and different Chinese authorities officials attended nan opening convention of nan Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, an advisory assemblage that meets concurrently pinch nan NPC successful nan ornate Great Hall of nan People to nan westbound of Tiananmen Square.

The legislative convention is being intimately watched astatine location and overseas for signs of what nan authorities will do to fortify China’s economy, which grew 5.2% past year. That compares pinch 4.6% for this twelvemonth that nan International Monetary Fund forecast successful January.

China faces a number of economical challenges, including a real property crisis, deflation, unemployment, stock marketplace volatility and a diminution successful exports amid geopolitical tensions.

Foreign nonstop investment is different interest aft it fell 8% past twelvemonth successful its first diminution since 2012, according to information from nan commerce ministry. Companies doing business successful China person expressed worries astir tightening entree to accusation and an expanded anti-espionage law.

The State Council, China’s cabinet, said past period that authorities “should make stabilizing overseas finance an important attraction of this year’s economical work.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping, near and Chinese Premier Li Qiang successful nan Great Hall of nan People successful Beijing connected Monday.Ng Han Guan / AP

Economists opportunity China is successful a caller shape of improvement aft decades of breakneck growth.

Since 1990, nan Chinese system has grown an mean of much than 9% a year, according to nan China Power Project astatine nan Center for Strategic and International Studies successful Washington. In caller years its maturation rates person slowed, though they are still higher than galore different countries.

That has created uncertainty for consumers, who are pulling backmost accordingly. Shopping malls and restaurants are trying to set to “the caller normal” by offering lower-priced products and services, said Heiwai Tang, an economics professor astatine nan University of Hong Kong.

“People don’t spell to luxurious restaurants arsenic often to eat very costly meals aliases portion a batch of costly alcohol, but they will still spell to shopping malls to eat and possibly bargain a cup of coffee,” he told NBC News.

“But if you want depletion to thrust economical betterment we really want high-priced consumption, and that would dangle connected really assured nan consumers are.”

At nan legislative convention this week, each eyes will beryllium connected China’s plans for fiscal stimulus, encouraging depletion and shifting nan system distant from a property-dependent maturation model.

“The authorities needs to return bigger and bolder efforts to reconstruct confidence,” said Xiaolan Fu, an economist astatine nan University of Oxford, who estimated China’s economical betterment could return 3 to 5 years.

Though that is longer than initially expected, she said she sees things “gradually picking up.”  

“It’s a very slow warming-up process, but I deliberation nan guidance is positive,” Fu said.

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Jennifer Jett is Asia integer editor for NBC News, based successful Hong Kong.

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