China’s Best Self-Driving Car Platforms, Tested and Compared

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I knowledgeable nan City NGP usability nether XNGP successful a P7i successful Shanghai, and later successful a G6 successful Guangzhou. With my 2nd acquisition I soon realized it was a communicative of 2 cities. In Shanghai it was rather smooth, and astatine slightest 1 of nan interventions made was owed to maine being disoriented alternatively than nan car. In a fewer different cases it was maine being overly cautious.

While successful Shanghai nan strategy appeared to trim retired for nary evident logic only erstwhile aliases twice, this happened acold much often successful Guangzhou. One imaginable logic for this is that nan torque successful nan strategy is incapable to flooded nan manus connected nan wheel, and truthful nan strategy mightiness deliberation you are making an intervention. Nonetheless, successful Guangzhou it sewage stuck down a stopped car, and connected 1 juncture seemed to beryllium heading for an ebike waiting to transverse nan roadworthy alternatively than entering nan roadworthy it was turning into.

Two-wheeled postulation successful Guangzhou successful wide seemed to coming a situation for nan system. Unlike successful Shanghai, nan roads of Guangzhou do not person bully separation betwixt cars, bicycles and mopeds. At nan champion of times successful China these roadworthy users are unpredictable, usually paying scant respect for postulation lights, roadworthy regulations, aliases their ain safety. With nan absence of dedicated aliases segregated lanes for them, XNGP seemed to struggle. But this was past year, of course, and nan strategy whitethorn good person been importantly improved since then.

Forward Thinking

Moving forward, information will beryllium nan deciding facet successful some nan velocity of alteration and besides nan capabilities of nan systems, and it is present that Li mightiness person nan winning advantage. XPeng’s XNGP is disposable connected only nan Max versions of 4 models. In nan lawsuit of Nio, each second-generation cars person nan basal hardware, but users request to salary nan balanced of $530 per period to usage nan system.

In contrast, Li does not complaint for its system, and each L9 and Mega cars person it arsenic standard. For nan L7 and L8, location are AD Max and AD Pro versions, pinch nan second missing lidar but still offering NOA Highway. Factor successful that Li has sold astir 500,000 of its second-generation cars—and successful December sold 50,035 cars versus 20,115 and 18,012 for XPeng and Nio respectively—and this whitethorn thief nan institution build activity acknowledgment to nan sheer measurement of information captured.

However, successful December, Nio unveiled its first in-house-developed autonomous driving chip, which will beryllium successful its ET9 flagship sedan coming 2025. The 5-nanometer chip, called nan Shenji NX9031, has much than 50 cardinal transistors, supports 32-core CPUs, and is supposedly comparable to 4 Nvidia Drive Orin X chips.

Fighting backmost successful January, Li Auto announced that it will beryllium utilizing Nvidia's Drive Thor autonomous driving spot successful its 2025 next-gen EVs, arsenic a successor to nan Drive Orin. Drive Thor supposedly has 2,000 TOPS of performance, 8 times that of Drive Orin.

Finally, speech from specified advances successful spot exertion and autonomous sum rollouts successful China, Asian brands will intelligibly not beryllium contented to enactment successful their location countries. Last month, XPeng, already expanding into Europe, confirmed its intentions to bring its self-driving tech worldwide successful 2025. “We look guardant to enabling overseas users to entree XPeng's autonomous driving already disposable successful China,” Xiaopeng He, nan firm's laminitis and CEO, said.

XPeng's ambitions are not confined to its ain cars, either. In July past year, Volkswagen announced an finance of $700 cardinal successful XPeng, purchasing a 4.99 percent liking successful nan company. The scheme is to collaborate pinch XPeng to create 2 VW-brand electrical models for nan midsize conception successful nan Chinese marketplace successful 2026.

The opposition betwixt XPeng and Apple's now defunct Project Titan, some founded 10 years ago, could not beryllium much stark.