China accuses U.S. of 'bullying' after House passes bill that could ban TikTok

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In akin comments, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesperson He Yadong told reporters that nan U.S. should “genuinely respect nan principles of marketplace system and adjacent competition” and “cease cruel suppression of overseas enterprises.”

He added that China would return each basal measures to safeguard its interests.

Prior to nan vote, Beijing warned that a prohibition would “ultimately backfire connected nan United States itself.”

The House voted to walk nan legislation Wednesday pinch 325 votes successful favour and 65 against, pinch 1 personnel voting present. It now goes to nan Senate, wherever it is likely to look much scrutiny.

President Joe Biden, whose re-election run joined TikTok past month, has said he will motion nan measure if it passes some houses of Congress.

TikTok has mounted an energetic run against nan legislation, which it said was “jammed through” nan House. The institution has warned astir nan bill’s imaginable economical effect connected small business owners who dangle connected nan app and has urged its 170 cardinal U.S. users to speak retired against it.

On Wednesday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said nan prohibition would endanger hundreds of thousands of American jobs, giving “more powerfulness to a fistful of societal media companies.”

“Make your voices heard,” he said successful a video posted connected TikTok and X.

In legislature grounds past year, Chew said ByteDance was “not an supplier of China” and that TikTok “has ne'er shared, aliases received a petition to share, U.S. personification information pinch nan Chinese government.”

He said accusation connected TikTok’s American users had been moved to U.S. servers tally by Texas-based institution Oracle and that nether nan caller structure, “there is nary measurement for nan Chinese authorities to entree it aliases compel entree to it.”

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang WenbinChinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin described nan U.S. TikTok measure arsenic “theft logic.”Johannes Neudecker / DPA via Getty Images

House lawmakers who voted for nan authorities connected Wednesday nevertheless expressed concerns astir China perchance accessing accusation astir Americans done TikTok aliases spreading contented connected nan app to power their views, peculiarly during this year’s elections.

The measure creates a process for nan U.S. president to deem a societal media app nether nan power of a overseas adversary arsenic a threat to nationalist information and prohibition it from U.S. app stores unless nan app severs ties pinch that state wrong six months.

Some House lawmakers who voted against nan authorities cited free reside concerns, arguing that nan U.S. should not travel China successful selectively blocking societal media platforms.

Wang, nan Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said Thursday that nan U.S. handling of TikTok was “completely different” from argumentation successful China, wherever societal media is heavy censored and Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X and different platforms are inaccessible.

“We person ever welcomed various overseas platforms and services to participate nan Chinese marketplace connected nan information that they comply pinch Chinese laws and regulations,” he said.

The TikTok rumor is apt to resonate successful nan coming statesmanlike election, pinch an NBC News canvass successful January showing Biden struggling disproportionately pinch young TikTok users.

Former President Donald Trump, who secured nan Republican nomination this week, expressed guidance to nan ban successful caller days aft initially supporting it.

The U.S. authorities has besides raised questions arsenic to whether different countries will travel suit. On Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that while TikTok is not allowed connected authorities phones, location are nary plans to prohibition its usage by nan public.

“You’ve ever sewage to person nationalist information concerns beforehand and center,” he said successful a power interview. “But you besides request to admit that for a full batch of people, this provides a measurement of them communicating.”

Mithil Aggarwal reported from Hong Kong, and Rae Wang reported from Beijing.

Mithil Aggarwal

Mithil Aggarwal is simply a Hong Kong-based reporter/producer for NBC News.

Rae Wang

Rae Wang is simply a contributor to NBC News.