Caitlin Clark's record-setting game draws most viewers for women's regular season game since 1999

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Caitlin Clark’s record-setting game for Iowa against Ohio State connected Sunday attracted much than 4 cardinal tv viewers astatine its highest and was nan most-watched women’s regular-season hoops crippled since 1999, Fox Sports announced Tuesday.

Clark scored 35 points and passed Pete Maravich arsenic nan NCAA Division I wide profession scoring leader during the Hawkeyes’ 93-83 win.

Average viewership was 3.39 cardinal and reached a precocious of 4.42 cardinal precocious successful nan 2nd half. Clark group nan grounds pinch 2 free throws conscionable earlier halftime. No women’s regular-season crippled connected immoderate web had much viewers since 3.88 cardinal tuned successful for UConn-Tennessee successful January 1999, according to Sports Media Watch.

The crippled was nan second-most watched assemblage hoops crippled of nan season, trailing only nan 5.18 cardinal who saw nan Michigan State-Arizona men’s crippled that followed an NFL Thanksgiving crippled connected Fox, SMW said.

Ohio State-Iowa surpassed nan 3.01 cardinal who watched nan Boston Celtics’ 140-88 rout of nan Golden State Warriors connected ABC connected Sunday.