Bodycam video shows fatal shooting of autistic California teen who charged deputy with garden tool

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A 15-year-old autistic California boy was changeable by serviceman gunfire and died aft he charged astatine a lawman pinch a crisp farming instrumentality complete nan weekend, authorities said. 

The incident stemmed from a 911 telephone soon earlier 5 p.m. Saturday regarding nan teen who was "actively assaulting family members" and damaging spot astatine a residence successful nan 13400 artifact of Iroquois Road successful Apple Valley, according to a news release.

The Apple Valley constabulary section responded to nan home. The deputies progressive successful nan incident person not been identified by authorities.

At 4:54 p.m., erstwhile a San Bernardino County sheriff’s lawman arrived astatine nan scene, he was “confronted” by 15-year-old Ryan Gainer, who was equipped pinch a five-foot-long plot instrumentality pinch a crisp bladed end, nan sheriff's section said.

Gainer allegedly raised nan bladed extremity of nan instrumentality and charged towards nan lawman “without provocation,” authorities said. When nan lawman retreated, Gainer allegedly chased him pinch nan tool.

Authorities said “a lethal unit brushwood occurred” and Gainer was deed by gunfire. 

Body camera footage released by nan sheriff's section showed portions of nan encounter.

In 1 clip, an serviceman approached nan unfastened doorway of nan location and said, "Where’s he at?"

Gainer emerged, wearing a bluish sweat garment and sweat pants, carrying a instrumentality that appeared to beryllium a hula hoe. His look successful nan video was blurred by nan sheriff's department.

Ryan GainerAt astir 4:54 p.m., nan first lawman arrived astatine nan residence and was confronted by Ryan Gainer.San Bernardino County Sheriff

“Hey, get back,” nan serviceman yelled, his weapon pointed towards nan teen. 

“Get backmost aliases you’re gonna get shot!” he said erstwhile Gainer continued to approach.

The serviceman past turned astir and ran distant from Gainer.

Another clip from nan position of a different deputy's assemblage camera showed nan aforesaid segment play retired from an perspective further distant from nan home. That clip showed nan first deputy's verbal informing and showed Gainer travel nan officer. The clip was edited by nan sheriff's section and ended pinch this 2nd deputy's weapon pointed astatine nan teen, but did not show an existent changeable being fired.

It's not clear really galore shots were fired nor really galore times Gainer whitethorn person been struck.

Deputies rendered aesculapian assistance to Gainer and he was transported by ambulance to a section infirmary wherever he succumbed to his wounds. 

The sheriff’s specialized investigations section responded and is investigating nan incident. 

Several neighbors told nan Victorville Daily Press that Gainer was autistic and well-known successful nan community.

NBC News has reached retired to an lawyer Gainer's family has hired successful nan aftermath of nan incident.

Though officials didn't opportunity whether Gainer was autistic, Sheriff Shannon Dicus said successful a statement: “Our societal information nett for those experiencing intelligence unwellness needs to beryllium strengthened.”

“Our deputies grip seemingly insurmountable calls daily. Most of these calls do not extremity successful violence. However, this 1 ended successful calamity for Ryan, his family, and for nan deputies who responded," Dicus said.

"Rapidly evolving, convulsive encounters are immoderate of nan astir difficult, requiring divided 2nd decisions," Dicus said. "While these decisions are lawful, they are atrocious successful position of our humanity. I consciousness for some Ryan’s family and my deputies who will struggle pinch this for their full lives."

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