Body camera video released of fatal shooting of man who charged at Los Angeles deputies with machete

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Surveillance video and assemblage camera footage were released of a fatal shooting involving Los Angeles County deputies and a 38-year-old man equipped pinch 2 machetes.

The edited videos were released Tuesday by nan Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Feb. 6 confrontation astatine Albertsons supermarket, which ended successful nan decease of Jonathan Scott Foster, remains nether investigation.

The incident began astir 3:45 a.m. erstwhile Foster entered a convenience shop successful Lancaster, astir 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, equipped pinch a machete, nan sheriff's section said successful a captious incident video connected YouTube.

Store surveillance video shows Foster smashing nan solid door, climbing wrong and attacking a shop worker down nan counter. The worker was capable to get distant and is seen successful nan video moving retired of nan store.

By nan clip deputies arrived, Foster had fled nan store, according to authorities. The sheriff’s section said nan worker had a terrible laceration connected her manus and was treated astatine nan hospital.

Deputies notified adjacent businesses of what happened and instructed them to telephone 911 if they saw anyone that fresh Foster's description, nan sheriff's section said.

Body camera footage was released of a fatal shooting involving Los Angeles County deputies and a 38-year-old man equipped pinch 2 machetes.Body camera footage shows deputies asking Jonathan Foster to driblet his machetes earlier they opened fire.Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.

Hours later, astir 9:30 a.m., a 911 telephone came successful from a business respective blocks distant astir a man wrong nan shop pinch a machete.

When deputies arrived, Foster was astatine nan entranceway of nan shop and was holding nan weapon, nan sheriff's section said.

Body camera video shows deputies many times asking Foster to put down his weapon. The sheriff's section said Foster refused.

"You drew your weapon," Foster says to 1 deputy.

"You sewage nan machete successful your hand. Do maine a favor, group it down," nan lawman responds arsenic he points his firearm astatine Foster.

"At this point, you're not successful problem I conscionable request you to group it down truthful we tin talk," nan lawman says.

As deputies proceed to show Foster to driblet his weapon, he pulls retired a 2nd machete, nan video shows. A lawman tells personification off-camera to power wrong nan shop that everyone needs to "get down."

"Please group your worldly down, man," 1 of nan deputies says to Foster. "What's your name?"

At 1 point, nan lawman talking to Foster puts his firearm distant and switches to his Taser, nan video shows. Foster holsters 1 of his machetes but refuses to driblet nan different one, saying it's for his protection.

The video shows that deputies extracurricular nan shop asked Foster much than 20 times to driblet his limb and many times told him not to participate nan store.

Still refusing their commands, Foster backed into nan shop and deputies deployed little lethal intends including stun guns and foam projectile rounds.

The sheriff's section said nan little lethal intends were not effective because of nan heavy overgarment Foster was wearing.

The business escalated, according to nan sheriff's department, erstwhile Foster "charged towards deputies pinch nan machete raised supra his head."

Three deputies discharged their firearms, fatally wounding Foster. He had 2 machetes astir 24 inches successful length, authorities said.

The shooting is being investigated by nan sheriff's section and nan Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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