Blizzard in California's Sierra Nevada brings nonstop snow, dangerous conditions

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As snowfall totals proceed to accumulate by nan hour, winter large wind warnings successful California’s Sierra Nevada are expected to stay successful effect until Sunday, according to nan National Weather Service.

The region has been experiencing relentless blizzard conditions since Thursday, resulting successful nan closure of a agelong long of Interstate 80 successful California and residents being asked to return shelter arsenic dense snowfall and beardown upwind gusts threatened their safety.

The National Weather Service said Saturday that much than 3 inches of snowfall had been falling successful nan Sierra Nevada each hr and winds were blowing complete 100 mph, causing whiteout conditions “making recreation intolerable done nan area.”

An further 2 feet of snowfall was expected on nan Sierra Nevada done Sunday, it said.

Emerald Bay Road successful Lake TahoeEmerald Bay Road successful Lake Tahoe, Calif., connected March 1.Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu via Getty Images

This is nan biggest snowstorm of nan season, pinch additional blizzard and wintertime large wind warnings extending to parts of Northern California and nan state of Nevada.

“HIGH to EXTREME avalanche danger” is expected successful nan backcountry done Sunday evening passim nan cardinal Sierra slopes betwixt Yuba Pass and Ebbetts Pass, including nan greater Lake Tahoe area, nan upwind work said.

Nevada’s proscription department urged group Saturday to debar recreation if they could, and said connected X that it was "digging highways retired of past night's snow."

Blizzard conditions successful nan region besides prompted winter large wind warnings successful parts of Utah and Colorado.

The Sierra Nevada mountains The Sierra Nevada mountains during a powerful wintertime large wind successful Truckee, Calif., connected Friday.Mario Tama / Getty Images

The California Highway Patrol said Saturday it had “no estimated clip of reopening” for Interstate 80, the main way betwixt Reno and Sacramento.

The authorities patrol arsenic good arsenic different proscription officials and authorities antecedently reported responding to dozens of collisions connected nan freeway, vehicles sliding into snowbanks aliases getting stuck connected nan road, NBC Bay Area reported. There were nary contiguous reports of immoderate superior injuries.

Snow blanketed houses on Donner Lake.Snow blanketed houses on Donner Lake successful Truckee, Calif., connected Friday.Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu via Getty Images

Thousands of powerfulness customers successful nan regions affected by nan blizzard knowledgeable storm-related outages, according to Pacific Gas & Electric. Dave Ebbert, a supervisor for nan inferior institution successful nan Sierra region, reported downed powerfulness lines connected Interstate 80 and trees that person knocked down powerfulness lines successful nan area arsenic of Friday.

By precocious Saturday, only astir 18,000 powerfulness customers remained without powerfulness statewide, according to

“We’re going to activity diligently to support nan organization and nan nationalist safe,” Ebbert said. “We’re going to reconstruct powerfulness safely successful nan astir timely mode possible.”

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