Bad Bunny sues fan over 'bootleg' YouTube videos and alleged copyright infringement

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Bad Bunny has sued a concertgoer who refused to return down videos posted to YouTube containing “substantial portions” of his caller show successful Utah, according to a suit revenge by nan reggaeton artist.

The uncommon ineligible conflict complete copyright infringement, adjacent usage of an artist’s activity and nan promotional worth of instrumentality videos online was triggered by a consequence from nan YouTuber who posted nan videos.

The title revenge successful a national tribunal successful California past week alleges that Eric Guillermo Madroñal Garrone, nan laminitis and proprietor of nan YouTube transmission MADforliveMUSIC, was asked to region 10 videos featuring respective of Bad Bunny’s afloat songs from his performance astatine nan Delta Center successful Salt Lake City connected Feb. 21.

The videos contained “unauthorized bootleg” footage that infringed connected Bad Bunny’s copyrights, nan title alleges, prompting nan vocalist to taxable a takedown petition done YouTube to person nan videos removed from nan platform.

Madroñal Garrone responded to nan petition pinch a general counternotice defending his correct to station nan videos, citing his authorities to state of look and arguing nan footage showed a “newsworthy arena of precocious nationalist interest,” according to grounds attached to nan title by Bad Bunny’s attorneys.

Bad Bunny’s Salt Lake City performance served arsenic nan kickoff of his “Most Wanted Tour” successful North America.

Following Madroñal Garrone’s response, YouTube notified Bad Bunny nan level would not beryllium capable to proceed pinch nan takedown petition unless he responded pinch grounds of ineligible action, according to grounds attached to nan title by Bad Bunny’s attorneys.

As of Thursday, nan MADforliveMUSIC YouTube transmission was not available. It’s unclear if Madroñal Garrone had monetized nan contents of his channel.

YouTube did not respond to a petition for comment.

TikTok and Instagram pages that look to beryllium connected to nan MADforliveMUSIC YouTube transmission stay operational arsenic of Thursday.

Madroñal Garrone did not respond to messages seeking comment. Court records do not database an lawyer for Madroñal Garrone.

Disputes complete alleged copyright infringement connected societal media and different online platforms hap often, but they seldom escalate to this level.

Fan clips from concerts posted online and connected societal media are mostly seen to person immoderate benignant of promotional worth — creating buzz, excitement and anticipation complete an artist’s performance. But nan consequence of superior copyright infringement rises erstwhile full songs aliases shows are posted online, particularly if nan accounts monetize their content.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act lets artists for illustration Bad Bunny record takedown requests to online platforms for illustration YouTube, requiring nan tract to propulsion down nan allegedly infringing material. In astir cases, particularly those that see nan usage of extended footage of afloat materials, nan personification connected nan receiving extremity of nan petition removes nan material. And nan conflict usually ends there.

But nan Digital Millennium Copyright Act besides allows users to entity to specified requests if they deliberation nan materials successful mobility should beryllium considered a “fair use” and ineligible for removal.

In nan lawsuit, Bad Bunny is seeking up to $150,000 for each of nan 10 songs recorded and posted to Madroñal Garrone’s YouTube channel.

Court records show Madroñal Garrone was notified astir nan suit connected Monday.

A publicist and 2 attorneys representing Bad Bunny did not respond to requests for comment.

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