Australian blueberry breaks record as world’s heaviest

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A blueberry grown successful Australia has been recognized by Guinness World Records arsenic nan heaviest successful nan world.

The golf-ball-sized berry, picked connected Nov. 13 astatine a workplace tally by Costa Group successful Corindi, Australia, came successful astatine 20.4 grams, aliases 0.72 ounces, and measures much than an inch and a half across, astir 10 times nan size of an mean blueberry.

It easy surpassed nan erstwhile grounds holder, which besides came from Australia and weighed 16.2 grams aliases 0.57 ounces.

Senior horticulturist Brad Hocking said nan squad astatine Costa, which develops 1 aliases 2 caller blueberry varieties a twelvemonth done its assortment betterment program, was “stoked” erstwhile nan berry was weighed. The record-smashing berry was only 1 of astir 20 of a akin size from nan Eterna variety.

Australia grounds breaking blueberryThe blueberry was picked astatine a workplace successful Corindi, Australia, successful November.Costa Group

“When we put nan largest 1 connected nan scales that really blew america away, it was good supra what we knew nan existent grounds to be,” he told NBC News successful a telephone question and reply Friday.

Costa says it develops caller varieties successful consequence to changing user needs, including a request for bigger blueberries.

“We judge that it’s because group are changing nan measurement that they eat blueberries, utilizing them much for snacking” successful summation to nan much accepted uses of baking and breakfast, Hocking said.

Though consequence tends to diminution successful value arsenic it gets larger, he said nan Eterna assortment was “consistently large, patient and flavorsome” and “has a really bully support life.”

The record-breaking berry has been stiff for now and whitethorn beryllium formed successful resin and mounted connected a wall, Hocking said.

“We don’t really cognize what to do pinch it,” he laughed.

Andee Capellan

Andee Capellan is an intern for NBC News based successful Hong Kong.