Arrest of Philadelphia city official and her husband that was captured on video is under investigation

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The Philadelphia territory attorney's agency is investigating aft nan apprehension of Philadelphia metropolis official, Celena Morrison, and her husband.

Morrison, Philadelphia’s executive head of nan Office of LGBT Affairs, was arrested pinch Darius McLean during a postulation extremity Saturday morning, according to constabulary records.

Celena Morrison.Celena Morrison.Celena Morrison. / Office of LGBT Affairs City of Philadelphia

The apprehension was captured connected video recorded by Morrison, and successful it, McLean could beryllium seen connected nan crushed connected nan enarthrosis of roadway pinch an serviceman opinionated complete him.

"Do you wanna get Tased? Put your hands down your back!" an serviceman is heard saying.

"Ok! They are!" McLean responds.

"That's my husband! That's my husband, please!" Morrison, who is disconnected camera, tin beryllium heard saying.

"I activity for nan mayor! I activity for nan mayor," Morrison says to nan serviceman aft telling her hubby not to worry.

"It's origin I'm Black," McLean says. The serviceman refuted this during nan video earlier turning toward Morrison.

"Turn around," nan serviceman tells Morrisson.

In what appears to beryllium a scuffle of immoderate sort, nan camera ends up connected nan ground.

"Give maine your hands, aliases you're getting Tased!" nan serviceman tin beryllium heard saying, arsenic screams tin beryllium heard successful nan background.

"Don't worry. I don't cognize why this is happening," Morrison tells her hubby disconnected camera. "Stay calm, we ain't done thing wrong."

Morrison past says nan serviceman punched her. "Why are you truthful aggressive?" Morrison asks nan officer.

Toward nan extremity of nan video, nan serviceman yells astatine McLean, instructing him not to scope for anything.

"I request my glasses!" he responds.

NBC News does not cognize what happened anterior to nan signaling of nan video.

According to a constabulary report, a Pennsylvania State trooper pulled complete a grey Infiniti sedan connected Interstate 76 astatine 9:09 a.m. "after aggregate conveyance codification violations were observed."

No further specifications are fixed astir nan alleged violations.

"Prior to nan trooper making interaction pinch nan usability of nan Infiniti, a greenish Dodge sedan arrived astatine nan location of nan postulation extremity and parked down nan trooper’s patrol vehicle," according to nan constabulary report. "The trooper approached nan Dodge and nan usability of nan conveyance became verbally combative toward nan trooper."

The driver of nan Dodge "refused aggregate lawful orders," truthful nan trooper attempted to apprehension nan driver, who resisted arrest, per nan constabulary report. The driver of nan Infiniti allegedly interfered pinch nan trooper's apprehension attempt.

Both individuals, identified arsenic Morrison and McLean, were arrested and accused of "resisting arrest, obstruction of justice, disorderly behaviour and different related charges," according to nan constabulary report.

Morrison did not instantly respond to requests for comment. Mclean could not beryllium reached.

Pennsylvania State Police is investigating nan incident, and nan trooper will not beryllium connected patrol while nan investigation is ongoing, spokesperson Adam Reed told NBC News.

The Philadelphia territory attorney's agency is besides investigating nan arrests and has asked anyone pinch accusation connected nan incident to scope out.

"The territory attorney’s agency has made nary charging determination pending a thorough, even-handed investigation," nan agency said successful a statement, adding that it has nary further remark astatine this time.

In a connection issued Saturday, Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle L. Parker said that nan video “is very concerning” and that she would person “no further remark until nan investigation has been completed.”

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