Are foot peels safe? Derms weigh in

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While running and walking travel pinch plentifulness of wellness benefits, being connected your feet for extended periods of clip besides has immoderate secondary consequences, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp. One of which affects our skin’s expertise to shed naturally, causing our feet to look and consciousness rough and dry, says Camp. That’s wherever ft peels tin travel into play. Like a facial peel, ft peels usage a blend of exfoliants to thief soften and region nan dormant tegument compartment furniture that sits connected nan heavy aboveground of your skin, according to Dr. Donna Hart, a board-certified dermatologist successful Texas. 

To thief get healthy, soft and soft feet, immoderate experts urge incorporating a ft peel into your skin attraction routine. 

To thief you find which ft peel is champion for you, we said to dermatologists and podiatrists astir nan champion peels, what to see erstwhile shopping for 1 and nan advantages and disadvantages of utilizing these treatments.  

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How we picked nan champion ft peels 

While making this list, our experts urge considering nan pursuing factors: 

  • Ingredients: Foot peels will often person alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids successful them that region dormant tegument cells, according to experts. Some of these exfoliating acids see salicylic acid, lactic acerb and glycolic acid, which we explicate successful further item below. Foot masks, connected nan different hand, will usually person ingredients, for illustration hyaluronic acid, that adhd moisture to your skin. 
  • Treatment clip frame: Most ft peels are a clip commitment. Some options require arsenic small arsenic 60 minutes, while others require up to 90 minutes — astir besides person astatine slightest a week of downtime afterward that involves flaking and shedding layers of dormant tegument off. Some besides require you to soak your feet successful h2o anterior to starting your peel. It’s important to see really overmuch readiness you have, arsenic it will play a important domiciled successful determining really effective nan curen is, according to our experts. 
  • Price: Foot peels tin alteration successful price; immoderate are sold individually, successful a battalion of two, 3 and immoderate cases, 10. We chose to see single-use treatments successful 1 packs, and person options arsenic debased arsenic $3 and arsenic precocious arsenic $25. 

The champion ft peels successful 2024

To thief you find nan champion ft peels connected nan market, we rounded up expert-recommended treatments alongside highly rated options and NBC Select unit favorites that align pinch our expert’s guidance. All of these travel successful bootie/sock shape and person chemic exfoliants, including AHAs and BHAs successful them. Unlike accepted look masks aliases hair masks, which only return a fewer minutes, these peels person an extended peeling process that tin return weeks, depending connected nan magnitude of dormant tegument connected nan feet. 

Baby Foot Original Exfoliation Foot Peel

Baby Foot Original Exfoliation Foot Peel

This ft peel is simply a favourite of some Hart’s and Camp’s because it’s easy to usage and effective. The single-use treatment, which comes successful nan shape of integrative booties you gaffe your feet into, uses consequence acids to mildly region nan apical furniture of dormant tegument to uncover softer, healthier-appearing feet, says Camp. Five of our squad members, including myself, tried it aft nan marque sent america samples. I saw a smoother texture pinch nary unsmooth aliases barren patches and a softer, much polished quality connected nan bottoms of my feet — my results lasted maine conscionable complete 2 weeks.  

Sizes: Women’s size 4-13, men’s size 4-12 | Treatment duration: 60 min. | Fragrance: Lavender | Peeling process: 1-2 weeks

Plantifique Foot Peeling Mask

Plantifique Foot Peeling Mask

Not only does this region dormant tegument pinch nan thief of lactic acid, but it besides helps region immoderate odor-causing bacteria, according to nan brand. For nan champion results, nan marque recommends conducting a spot trial to spot if your tegument has immoderate reactions anterior to utilizing nan peeling mask. If your tegument tin tolerate nan exfoliating formula, you tin past soak your feet successful h2o for 10-20 minutes and deterioration nan sock-like boots for 90 minutes, according to nan brand. The peel, which has a 4.4-star mean standing from complete 42,200 reviews connected Amazon, besides uses aloe vera and glycerin to moisturize and hydrate nan tegument arsenic it peels — an basal constituent since you’re technically not expected to usage lotion during nan full 2 week process, according to nan brand. 

Sizes: Up to women’s size 12.5 and up to men’s size 11 | Treatment duration: 100-110 min. | Fragrance: Peach | Peeling process: 1-2 weeks 

Patchology Poshpeel Pedi Cure

Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure

If you person calluses, see this ft peel that combines AHAs and BHAs, which thief make callused tegument soft and soft, says Camp. Unlike different options connected our list, which already person nan look wrong nan integrative booties, this 1 requires you to move nan activating principle (that comes included) and administer it on nan fabric lining aft soaking your feet successful water. Once nan principle is in, you tin deterioration nan boots for 60-90 minutes, remove, rinse and hold for nan peel to commencement moving 7 to 8 aft your application. However, your full peeling process tin return a fewer weeks from commencement to finish, according to Camp. So, if you’re readying connected wearing open-toed shoes aliases you’re astir to caput retired connected vacation, nan marque recommends utilizing nan kit 3 weeks successful beforehand to let for due treatment and peeling, according to Patchology. 

Sizes: Up to women’s size 15.5 and up to men’s size 14 | Treatment duration: 90-120 min. | Fragrance: Unscented | Peeling process: 1-2 weeks

Dr. Scholl’s Rough, Dry Skin Ultra-Exfoliating Foot Mask

Dr. Scholl’s Rough, Dry Skin Ultra-Exfoliating Foot Mask

Unlike different peels connected this list, you do not request to rinse your feet aft wearing this mask, which comes successful bootie form, for 60 to 90 minutes, according to nan brand. Instead, you’ll massage nan curen into your tegument and region immoderate excess remnants pinch a towel, according to Dr. Scholl’s. Reviewers opportunity nan peel, which has a 4-star mean standing from complete 500 reviews astatine Target, is simply a convenient replacement to visiting nan nail salon. Still, results will alteration depending connected nan person, arsenic immoderate reviewers opportunity nan process took anyplace from an full week to 3 weeks from commencement to finish. 

Sizes: n/a | Treatment duration: 60-90 min. | | Fragrance: n/a | Peeling process: 1-2 weeks 

Earth Therapeutics Soft & Smooth Gentle Peeling Foot Mask

Earth Therapeutics Soft & Smooth Gentle Peeling Foot Mask

NBC Select elder societal media editor Rosalie Sparaco says this action is nan closest replacement to higher-priced options she’s tried (like nan Baby Foot Original Exfoliating Peel) since it useful successful a akin mode pinch acquainted results. Inside nan 2 booties is an exfoliating formula, which has lactic, glycolic and salicylic acerb and beverage character lipid to deodorize your feet, according to nan brand. Before wearing nan booties, trial for immoderate allergic reactions and sensitivity by applying a mini magnitude of nan look to nan apical of your feet, according to Earth Therapeutics.

Sizes: 290 millimeters (about nan size of a ruler) from bottommost to toe | Treatment duration: 60-90 min.| Fragrance: Tea tree | Peeling process: 1-2 weeks

How to shop for ft peels

When shopping for ft peels, our experts urge considering a fewer different factors, including nan formula’s cardinal ingredients and your tegument type.  


When shopping for a ft peel, look for chemic exfoliators for illustration glycolic acid, lactic acid, consequence acids and salicylic acid. These ingredients tin break down and region dormant skin, says Camp. However, if you’re pregnant, you whitethorn want to debar utilizing peels that incorporate salicylic acerb because they’re not considered 100% safe, according to experts successful our guideline to pregnancy-safe tegument care. 

Some options will besides person hydrating ingredients specified arsenic hyaluronic acid, which is particularly awesome for those who suffer from barren feet. 

You’ll besides want to debar added artificial fragrances (this doesn’t see nan earthy smells from extracts and different ingredients), since they tin origin allergies, according to Hart. 

Skin type

While immoderate tegument attraction products require you to find your tegument type earlier utilizing them, generally, ft peels are safe to usage crossed each tegument types. However, those pinch peculiar tegument conditions that impact nan feet, for illustration eczema, psoriasis aliases fungus, should speak pinch their dermatologist earlier utilizing a peel, according to our experts.

Foot condition

Before applying a ft peel, return statement of nan authorities your feet are presently in. If you person calluses and want to dainty them, a ft peel tin thief soften them, but it’s conscionable a impermanent hole and won’t afloat resoluteness nan rumor because they are not designed to do so, according to board-certified podiatrist Dr. Olga Shvets. 

Dr. Alicia Canzanese, board-certified podiatrist agrees. “There are amended methods to get free of calluses than peels,” she says. That’s because peels won’t only target nan callus, it will effect each of nan tegument connected your foot. If you person a big, heavy callus, a peel will astir apt not make overmuch of a quality because it won’t region nan deeper tegument complete nan callus, according to Canzanese. If you person a callus aliases different foot-related issues you are looking to heel, you should first consult an expert. 

Meet our experts

At NBC Select, we activity pinch experts who person specialized knowledge and authority based connected applicable training and/or experience. We besides return steps to guarantee each master proposal and recommendations are made independently and without undisclosed financial conflicts of interest.

  • Dr. Brendan Camp is simply a double board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist astatine MDCS Dermatology successful New York. 
  • Dr. Donna Hart is simply a board-certified dermatologist astatine Westlake Dermatology successful Texas.
  • Dr. Alicia Canzanese is simply a board-certified podiatrist astatine Gordon Podiatry successful Pennsylvania.
  • Dr. Olga Shvets is simply a board-certified podiatrist astatine Sound Shore Podiatry and Foot Surgery and Central Park Podiatry. 

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