Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2024) Review: Price, Specs, Rating, Availability

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it's safe to opportunity nan 13-inch MacBook Air whitethorn person reached its highest successful design. Apple's overhaul of its lightweight laptop successful 2022 near small to beryllium desired. It packed modern features (like MagSafe charging and a 1080p webcam) and a sleek chassis (allowing it to fresh correct successful pinch nan high-end Pro lineup) that was good worthy nan value increase. It makes consciousness for Apple to proceed to recycle nan aforesaid outer build. But that besides intends it now comes down to pushing what's under nan hood.

In this case, Apple upgraded nan 13-inch MacBook Air pinch an M3 chip. Announced back successful October, it's nan latest entry-level chipsets successful Apple's astir caller batch of M-series processors.

Photograph: Brenda Stolyar

The institution did propulsion successful a mates of further caller features, including support for two outer displays and Wi-Fi 6E for double nan Wi-Fi speeds. Aside from that, however, each other remains nan aforesaid arsenic successful nan erstwhile version—including artillery life, which Apple claims is up to 18 hours.

With specified iterative enhancements, nan value is nan aforesaid arsenic its predecessor. The base exemplary starts astatine $1,099 while nan maxed-out model will costs $2,299. And Apple is continuing to waste nan M2-powered MacBook Air for $999, which is still a very tin machine.

Regardless of nan chipset you pick, some models stay lightweight and perfect for getting activity done connected nan go. But pinch nan inclusion of nan M3, this caller type is now nan astir powerful MacBook Air you tin buy.

Tried and True

If you're not acquainted pinch nan redesign connected nan last-generation 13-inch MacBook Air (7/10, WIRED Recommends), past you're apt not privy to nan aforesaid features connected nan existent type either. It has a quadrate chassis alternatively of a wedge design, a bigger and brighter 13.6-inch LCD sheet (with a 60-Hz refresh rate), and a 1080p webcam tucked into nan notch connected apical of nan screen. It besides retains nan aforesaid weight, coming successful astatine 2.7 pounds, and packs a four-speaker sound strategy positive a three-mic array.

Photograph: Brenda Stolyar

Photograph: Brenda Stolyar

The larboard action is identical, too—you'll get a MagSafe charging port, 2 USB 4/Thunderbolt ports, and a 3.5-mm headphone jack. Typically, nan constricted ports wouldn't fuss me, since I only usage the MacBook for writing, sending emails, making video calls, and streaming content. But it's noticeable erstwhile connecting it to 2 outer monitors (more connected that later) because you're near pinch zero ports. I would've liked to spot astatine slightest 1 other USB-C larboard to relationship for nan caller expertise to link to an other monitor.

It comes successful nan aforesaid colors, too: Starlight, Midnight, Space Gray, and Silver. Apple sent maine nan Midnight version. It's nan only colour that comes pinch an anodization seal—a typical curen that's expected to trim fingerprint smudges.

Photograph: Brenda Stolyar