An Alabama police officer was disciplined after he arrested a woman for refusing to show her ID

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A constabulary serviceman successful Alabama has been disciplined aft he arrested a female astatine her location because she refused to show him her identification.

City leaders person condemned nan apprehension of Twyla Stallworth, 40, successful February and ordered nan full Andalusia Police Department to person further training successful metropolis ordinances and law and authorities law.

Stallworth had called constabulary to her location connected Feb. 23 connected a sound complaint, she said, because a neighbour was playing euphony excessively loudly. The euphony stopped erstwhile constabulary visited nan neighbor's location but resumed aft they left, Stallworth said.

Twyla StallworthTwyla Stallworth.Twyla Stallworth

She past went retired to her car and purposely turned connected nan siren to tie her neighbor's attention, she said. Then different neighbour began playing euphony loudly, and constabulary soon arrived astatine Stallworth's home.

Cellphone video shot by Stallworth's son, Jermani Marshall, 18, and released by her attorney, Harry Daniels, shows Andalusia Police Officer John G. Barton opinionated astatine Stallworth’s doorstep asking for her identification.

“Ma’am, I’m not arguing pinch you. Provide ID aliases spell to jail,” Barton says successful nan video.

She said she refused because she did not judge she had to supply identification.

Alabama rule allows a constabulary serviceman who reasonably suspects a crime is being committed to inquire for people's names and addresses and explanations of their actions, but it does not opportunity thing astir showing identification, specified arsenic driver's licenses aliases passports. 

“I’m going to jail? For not providing my ID?” Stallworth responds successful nan video.

Then Barton orders Stallworth to put her hands down her backmost because he is placing her nether arrest, nan video shows.

Instead, Stallworth walks wrong her home. Barton follows, on pinch Marshall, who tin beryllium heard successful nan inheritance telling his mother that everything is OK and that he is recording the brushwood pinch his cellphone.

After a little exchange, Barton warns Stallworth it is her past chance to show her ID. Then he shoves her down onto her sofa and handcuffs her, nan video shows.

She was charged pinch resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental operations and attempting to elude police, according to tribunal documents.

In a video posted connected nan city's website, Mayor Earl Johnson condemned Stallworth’s apprehension and said nan constabulary section would acquisition nan further training.

“All charges against Ms. Stallworth are being dropped,” Johnson said successful the video. “The arresting serviceman has a cleanable grounds pinch our department, but he made a mistake. He has been disciplined for failing successful his work to cognize nan law.”

Jermani Marshall, 18, nan boy of Twyla Stallworth, who captured nan compartment telephone video of nan arrest.Twyla Stallworth’s son, Jermani Marshall, 18, who captured nan cellphone video of nan arrest.Courtesy Twyla Stallworth

He did not opportunity really Barton was disciplined and could not beryllium reached Monday for comment.

Police Chief Paul Hudson declined to remark by telephone Monday. He said successful an emailed connection that Barton “was fixed a reprimand” but was not suspended.

Requests for a transcript of Stallworth’s apprehension study were mostly unsuccessful. Hudson provided only nan first page, which did not see specifications of nan brushwood betwixt Barton and Stallworth.

Under Alabama law, constabulary departments person wide authority to withhold apprehension reports.

Stallworth, who is Black, said she believes her apprehension whitethorn person been racially motivated because some of her neighbors progressive successful nan dispute, who are white, were not arrested.

"My powerfulness was taken from me. I wasn’t capable to conflict back,” Stallworth said. “I wasn’t capable to protect my son. I felt powerless. Nobody should beryllium treated this way.”

Johnson said nan metropolis recovered nary grounds of discrimination.

“We person reviewed bodycam footage of nan incident and spot nary grounds of racism,” Johnson said successful nan video.

Stallworth, a existent property supplier who grew up successful Andalusia, astir 90 miles southbound of Montgomery, said she spent 15 hours successful jailhouse earlier her mother came up pinch much than $3,000 successful rate to enslaved her out.

Stallworth said she has been complaining astir her neighbors’ playing large euphony for nan past 2 years. 

Daniels said: “She was manhandled and slammed connected nan couch. She wasn’t required to show identification. It was an unlawful arrest.”

He said Stallworth is considering whether to writer nan metropolis and its constabulary department.

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