Alaska Airlines plane whose door panel blew off midair was scheduled for maintenance

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The Alaska Airlines level that had a doorway sheet autumn disconnected midair successful January had been scheduled to acquisition attraction later that night, nan institution confirmed Tuesday.

The incident during Flight 1282, which took disconnected from Portland, Oregon, astatine 5:07 p.m. connected Jan. 5, resulted successful nary superior injuries but sparked an investigation that revealed there were nary bolts installed on nan doorway plug of nan Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft.

The New York Times reported earlier Tuesday that nan level was scheduled for a information cheque aft immoderate engineers and technicians became concerned — including astir a ray indicating problems pinch nan plane’s pressurization strategy — and that it was kept successful work pinch immoderate restrictions.

Alaska Airlines told nan newspaper that nan warnings it had connected nan level did not meet its standards for instantly taking it retired of service.

Alaska confirmed to NBC News that nan level was scheduled to caput for attraction later that nighttime connected Jan. 5.

The hose said successful a connection that it, for illustration others, relies connected "redundant systems, robust processes and procedures, and nan willingness to extremity and guarantee things are correct earlier each takeoff," and that information guides its decisions.

Flight 1282 was connected a way from Portland to Ontario, California, when nan doorway plug blew out astatine astir 16,000 feet, officials said. The level returned to Portland. Oxygen masks deployed arsenic nan level made an emergency return.

Boeing has been nether scrutiny pursuing nan nonaccomplishment of nan doorway plug, which is simply a sheet that seals wherever a doorway would beryllium and makes it portion of nan fuselage. Some Boeing 737 Max 9 planes were temporarily grounded, and Boeing ousted nan executive successful charge of nan 737 Max program.

The doorway plug was later recovered successful nan backyard of a Portland-area home.

The level was delivered to Alaska Airlines connected Oct. 31 and nan hose put it into work connected Nov. 11, nan the National Transportation Safety Board said successful a preliminary investigation report.

The level had 510 formation hours and 154 cycles, which is simply a formation from takeoff to landing, nan agency said.

"We stay assured successful our attraction and information actions starring up to nan incident," Alaska Airlines said successful nan connection Tuesday. "We look guardant to continuing our information successful a robust investigation led by nan NTSB to guarantee thing for illustration this ne'er happens again."

There were 177 group aboard nan plane, including formation and compartment crew, and erstwhile nan doorway plug fell disconnected it caused a accelerated decompression, nan NTSB said.

Seven passengers and 1 formation attendant received insignificant injuries, it said.

On Tuesday, nan NTSB announced it will clasp an investigative proceeding connected Aug. 6 and 7.

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