Air Force employee charged with disclosing classified information on foreign dating website

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A civilian worker for nan Air Force has been charged pinch illegally sending concealed accusation astir Russia's warfare against Ukraine done a overseas making love website to a female claiming to beryllium successful Ukraine, officials said.

David Slater, 63, a erstwhile Army lieutenant colonel who was moving successful a civilian domiciled for nan Air Force’s U.S. Strategic Command, was arrested Saturday, nan Department of Justice said Monday.

Matthew G. Olsen, adjunct lawyer wide for nan Justice Department’s National Security Division, said successful a statement that Slater acted “in blatant disregard for nan information of his state and his oath to safeguard its secrets.”

The messages, which prosecutors allege were sent complete email and done nan making love level to a female who said she was surviving successful Ukraine, occurred betwixt astir February 2022 and April 2022 — a clip framework that includes Russia’s Feb. 24, 2022, unprovoked penetration of Ukraine.

Prosecutors opportunity nan female regularly asked Slater to supply "sensitive, non-public, intimately held, and classified" nationalist defense information, calling him her "secret informant love."

In immoderate of nan messages, an indictment alleges, nan female referred to nan war, including asking, "Beloved Dave, do NATO and Biden person a concealed scheme to thief us?” and stating that “the proviso of weapons is wholly classified, which is great!”

In different connection cited successful nan indictment, nan female allegedly wrote that it was awesome that Slater sewage accusation astir a "specified" — but unnamed successful nan indictment — country, and added, "I dream you will show maine correct away? You are my concealed agent. With love." 

The indictment alleges that connected March 28, 2022, Slater sent classified accusation “regarding subject targets successful Russia’s warfare against Ukraine,” and that connected April 13 he sent accusation “regarding Russian subject capabilities relating to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.”

Slater worked successful a classified abstraction astatine U.S. Strategic Command — headquartered astatine Offutt Air Force Base conscionable extracurricular of Omaha, Nebraska — and had a “top secret” information clearance from astir August 2021 and April 2022, nan Justice Department said.

Starting successful February 2022, nan aforesaid period that Russia invaded, he attended Strategic Command briefings astir Russia’s warfare against Ukraine that were classified, nan indictment says.

Slater, of Nebraska, is charged pinch 1 count of conspiracy to disclose nationalist defense accusation and 2 counts of unauthorized disclosure of nationalist defense information.

“The Department of Justice will activity to clasp accountable those who knowingly and willfully put their state astatine consequence by disclosing classified information," Olsen said.

Online national tribunal records did not show an lawyer who could speak connected Slater's behalf Monday night. He is owed successful national tribunal successful Nebraska connected Tuesday, nan Justice Department said.

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