Aaron Rodgers responds to CNN report on Sandy Hook beliefs

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New York Jets backmost Aaron Rodgers connected Thursday responded to a CNN study that he formed uncertainty connected nan veracity of nan 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary massacre that resulted successful nan deaths of 20 children and six adults.

CNN reported connected Wednesday that nan sure-fire Hall of Fame awesome caller has privately espoused nan patently false mentation — that nan schoolhouse shooting successful Newtown, Connecticut, successful 2012 "was really a authorities wrong occupation and nan media was intentionally ignoring it."

The Sandy Hook shooter carried retired his massacre astatine nan simple schoolhouse earlier turning a weapon connected himself. Earlier that day, nan shooter killed his mother astatine nan location they shared. The Sandy Hook shooting was, astatine nan time, nan second-deadliest wide shooting successful nan United States aft the 2007 shooting astatine Virginia Tech.

CNN's Pamela Brown said she intelligibly remembers Rodgers telling her, astatine a 2013 Kentucky Derby party, that Sandy Hook was a staged authorities event.

In nan CNN article Brown recalls Rodgers asking her astir "men successful achromatic successful nan woods by nan school. " 

Rodgers, who successful caller years has embraced overseas conspiracy theories and advocated against vaccines, has been floated arsenic a imaginable moving mate of independent statesmanlike campaigner Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"As I’m connected nan grounds saying successful nan past, what happened successful Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy," Rodgers said successful a connection posted to X, nan societal media level formerly known arsenic Twitter.

"I americium not and person ne'er been of nan sentiment that nan events did not return place. Again, I dream that we study from this and different tragedies to place nan signs that will let america to forestall unnecessary nonaccomplishment of life. My thoughts and prayers proceed to stay pinch nan families affected on pinch nan full Sandy Hook community."

The Sandy Hook conspiracy mentation is simply a favourite successful fringe correct helping circles, led by Alex Jones.

The notorious broadcaster owes astir $1.5 cardinal to Sandy Hook parents aft lawsuits linked Jones to falsehoods dispersed astir nan Sandy Hook attack.

Rodgers has vocally opposed vaccines to conflict Covid-19, contempt proven and ongoing precocious efficacy rates.

And successful early January, Rodgers, pinch perfectly nary proof, hinted that precocious nighttime comedian Jimmy Kimmel would look in court documents associated pinch Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel's sanction was not referenced astatine each successful nan unsealed documents.

David K. Li

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