A new film tells Frida Kahlo's story in her own words for the first time

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Frida Kahlo's chopped image and iconic paintings are omnipresent creation symbols recognizable by astir group moreover 70 years aft her death, creating a mendacious consciousness that everything location is to opportunity astir nan Mexican creator has already been said.

But filmmaker Carla Gutiérrez cuts done that by doing what nary 1 has done earlier successful retelling nan legendary artist’s communicative on-screen: usage Kahlo's ain words.

In her caller documentary movie "Frida," Gutiérrez uses nan painter’s illustrated diary, friendly correspondence and candid people interviews to verbalize nan artist’s innermost thoughts. Those emotions beautifully travel to life done nan lyrical animation of Kahlo's unforgettable artwork.

"Me and My Parrots" (1941) by Frida Kahlo."Me and My Parrots" (1941), 1 of Frida Kahlo's self-portraits. Banco de México Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust

The operation of these elements successful Gutiérrez’s characteristic movie directorial debut results successful a refreshing communicative that is arsenic introspective arsenic Kahlo’s paintings, astir of which are self-portraits.

“I really felt that location was an intimacy that we could seizure pinch our movie and bring her successful a different measurement to viewers,” Gutiérrez told NBC News. “For us, it was astir ever capturing nan principle of Frida and her spirit.”

In nan film, nan earnest transportation of voiceover character Fernanda Echevarría del Rivero intimately resembles Kahlo, based connected nan only recording believed to incorporate nan sound and reside of nan artist’s voice.

Considering that Kahlo’s sound remained a complete enigma for years, this creator prime by Gutiérrez allows nan assemblage to consciousness an moreover bigger affinity to Kahlo, arsenic if she was nan 1 telling america her deepest secrets from her puerility and her adulthood.

The voiceovers are efficaciously utilized to present poignant revelations astir Kahlo and her life. At times, they are truthful personal, it almost feels for illustration we should not beryllium listening to them.

In her letters and diary, Kahlo wrote astir nan ups and downs of her narration and matrimony to acclaimed muralist Diego Rivera, her romance pinch nan Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, and immoderate of her first memories questioning nan Catholic faith, arsenic good arsenic gender roles.

Viewers besides get to spell wrong Kahlo's mind arsenic she recovered from a life-threatening mishap that near her pinch fractures successful her spine, leg, collarbone and pelvis — injures that resulted successful aggregate miscarriages and dozens of surgical procedures later successful her life.

"There is simply a measurement of approaching biographies wherever you conscionable database each nan things that hap successful somebody's life. But for me, it's really much important to seizure nan tone of personification and nan affectional travel of that person," Gutiérrez said.

To execute this, she and her squad sewage unrestricted entree to investigation materials that person ne'er been shown to nan wide nationalist before.

It took them 2 years to parse done everything and create a unsocial cinematic acquisition for those who person loved Kahlo for years and others who are conscionable learning astir her legacy.

Gutiérrez said nan acquisition of reference Kahlo's writings and getting to cognize astir her feelings firsthand "made maine really consciousness her a lot, successful a person way, successful a much friendly way.”

“It conscionable made her into a much normal female that is facing nan normal things that we each face,” she said.

Audiences get to see, perceive and consciousness a multitude of Kahlos — astatine times rebellious and seductive, fearless and defiant, lonely and vulnerable, insecure and fragile.

As a female who lived pinch beingness disabilities, explored and challenged gender norms, remained politically progressive and lived a tumultuous emotion life, nan movie provides a satisfying ending that makes america summation a caller knowing of Kahlo's past painting: a still life of watermelons pinch nan Spanish words "Viva la Vida" (Live Life).

It brought meaning to "that symbol, that sometimes is simply a small spot reductive," Gutiérrez said.

"Frida" will beryllium disposable to watercourse connected Amazon starting Thursday.

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