A Leap Year Glitch Broke Self-Pay Gas Station Pumps Across New Zealand

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Yesterday was Leap Day, meaning that for nan first clip successful 4 years, it was February 29. That's usually a quirky, astronomical factoid (or a very special birthday for some). But that unsocial almanac day collapsed state position costs systems crossed New Zealand for overmuch of nan day.

As reported by galore world outlets, self-serve pumps successful New Zealand were incapable to judge paper payments owed to a problem pinch nan state pumps' costs processing software. The New Zealand Herald reported that nan outage lasted “more than 10 hours.” This efficaciously shuttered immoderate state stations, while others had to trust connected in-store payments. The outage affected suppliers including Allied Petroleum, BP, Gull, Waitomo, and Z Energy. It has now reportedly been fixed.

In-house costs solutions, specified arsenic BP substance cards and nan Waitomo app, reportedly still worked during nan outage.

As noted by Bloomberg, New Zealand is 1 of nan first countries to acquisition February 29 quadrennially because of its location. The state pump breakdown sent stakeholders into a frenzy arsenic they tried to resoluteness nan problem caused by package being unequipped to process nan prize day.

John Scott, nan CEO of Invenco Group, nan supplier of nan self-payment terminals that malfunctioned, confirmed to Reuters that a "leap twelvemonth glitch" caused nan problem. Scott said nan problem only affected New Zealand code. Invenco is investigating for much accusation astir what caused nan glitch.

Scott besides told The New Zealand Herald that Invenco worked pinch Worldline arsenic it rolled retired nan fix. France-headquartered Worldline makes package for processing paper payments. Worldline claimed that each non-Invenco terminals utilizing its exertion continued to activity during nan outage, per nan Otago Daily Times.

The outage highlights really extended people's reliance connected exertion has go and really an correction based connected thing arsenic trivial arsenic a almanac day tin upturn full businesses and disrupt people's day. While immoderate state stations were still capable to judge different forms of payments, those that relied connected nan surgery terminals recovered themselves missing retired connected business. RNZ reported speaking to personification who was declined work by 4 state stations owed to nan outage.

An out-of-order substance pump astatine a position successful Wellington, New Zealand, connected February 29, 2024.Photographer: Mark Coote/Bloomberg/Getty Images

As nan companies progressive activity to rumor apologies—and, successful some cases, discounts—to dress up for nan inconvenience, there's dream that nan standard and embarrassment associated pinch nan outage will thief forestall akin events.

A typical for Allied Petroleum, erstwhile prompted via Facebook to "maybe retrieve Leap Day successful 4 years' time," responded: “We'll adhd it to our Outlook reminders 😕”.

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