8 top-rated bike helmets of 2024

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Whether you’re riding an aged upland motorcycle aliases a marque caller electric scooter, you should beryllium wearing a helmet. Bike helmets tin trim nan consequence of caput wounded by much than 50 percent, according to a study by nan National Safety Council pinch information from nan National Transportation Safety Board.

“Think of a helmet arsenic you would a seatbelt successful your car,” says Alison Dewey, acquisition head astatine nan League of American Bicyclists. “You ne'er want to person it travel successful handy, but erstwhile you request it, you’ll beryllium gladsome you’re wearing it.”

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  • Smith Signal
  • Best fund commuter helmet

  • POC Tectal Race MIPS

    Best upland biking helmet

How we picked apical rated motorcycle helmets

To find nan champion motorcycle helmets, we relied connected master guidance, individual acquisition and user reviews to prime a assortment of helmets fresh for different types of riding. We utilized nan pursuing criteria to thief guideline our selections:

  • Size and adjustability: A bully fresh is important for comfortableness and safety. We only selected helmets that travel successful aggregate sizes and person a rear dial retention system, which tin thief set interior fit.
  • Protection: We only included helmets certified by nan Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) pinch a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). Helmets pinch MIPS usually person a bladed furniture of integrative wrong that provides enhanced protection against definite types of impact, according to nan brand.
  • Price: Bike helmets tin costs anyplace from $20 to $300. We included a scope of helmets crossed different value points, mostly betwixt $60 and $200.

Top rated motorcycle helmets successful 2024

Our apical rated and staff-recommended picks came from ample cycling and athletics brands for illustration Smith, Giro and Specialized.

Best overall: Smith Signal

Smith Signal

This is simply a multi-purpose motorcycle helmet that has MIPS protection, 21 aerial vents, adjustable straps, aggregate sizes and a assortment of colors, each for good nether $100. It isn’t designed specifically for upland aliases roadworthy biking, you tin usage it comfortably for immoderate benignant of activity, according to nan brand.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL | Weight: 300g | Crash protection: Mips 

Best commuter helmet: Thousand Chapter

Thousand Chapter

Thousand makes stylish helmets pinch unsocial features designed for commuters. This Chapter motorcycle helmet has a built-in mini-visor to trim glare, a magnetic ray that attaches to nan backmost of nan helmet and a removable screen that lets you descent a motorcycle fastener done nan helmet.

If you for illustration nan look of this helmet, but not nan price, Thousand’s celebrated Heritage motorcycle helmet looks almost identical, but lacks MIPS and nan visor.

Sizes available: S, M, L | Weight: 370g | Crash protection: Mips

Best upland biking helmet: POC Tectal Race MIPS

POC Tectal Race MIPS

Helmets for upland biking tin look very different from different kinds of helmets. They typically characteristic much aerial vents and screen much of your head, arsenic upland bikers are much apt to autumn backward aliases sideways than commuters, thing I’ve noticed successful my acquisition riding metropolis streets and wood trails.

The POC Tectal Race MIPS covers overmuch much of your caput than thing for illustration nan Smith Signal aliases Thousand Chapter. It besides has a Recco reflector built-in, a two-way communicator utilized by immoderate rescue groups that tin thief them pinpoint your location successful a hunt and rescue event, according to nan brand. The helmet straps and fresh is adjustable, and it has a clip connected nan backmost to shop goggles.

Sizes available: S, M, L | Weight: 365g | MIPS Included: Yes 

Best roadworthy helmet: Smith Trace

Smith Trace Helmet

I’ve tackled hundreds of miles of paved, ungraded and gravel roads successful this helmet. I’ve utilized it for complete 3 years, and I americium continually impressed pinch really ray and comfortable it is. Even connected basking days, my caput doesn’t get excessively sweaty acknowledgment to nan 18 vents on nan apical and sides of nan helmet.

On apical of Mips, nan helmet has a 2nd clang protection strategy called Koroyd inside. While Mips minimizes rotational motion, Koroyd reduces nan effect of rebounds, nan 2nd aliases 3rd effect against your caput arsenic you tumble successful a crash, according to nan brand. I person not collapsed while wearing this helmet, but admit having 2 protection systems connected my head.

Sizes available: S, M, L  | Weight: 285g | Crash protection: Mips, Koroyd

Best fund commuter helmet: Giro Register

Giro Register

Helmets pinch an adjustable fit, aggregate sizes and Mips thin to beryllium much costly than different options. Giro’s Register helmet, which retails for astir $70, is an exception. It’s lightweight, has 22 aerial vents and comes pinch a removable mini visor built in, according to nan brand. It only comes successful 2 sizes, however, and nan other ample size only comes successful black.

Sizes available: Universal, XL | Weight: 285g | Crash protection: Mips

Best fund roadworthy helmet: Specialized Echelon II

Specialized Echelon II

Road cycling cogwheel tin get very expensive, but Specialized’s Echelon II helmet typically retails for nether $100. It has 31 aerial vents, which is overmuch much than astir helmets. It besides has Specialized’s ANGi clang sensor built in, which tin beryllium group up to brace pinch your telephone and nonstop emergency messages if a clang is detected and you do not respond, according to nan brand.

Sizes available: S, M, L | Weight: 340g | Crash protection: Mips

Best fund upland biking helmet: Specialized Camber

Specialized Camber

I wouldn’t telephone immoderate of nan terrains I thrust mountainous, but this debased priced upland biking helmet has been comfortable and provided ample sum during each of my agrarian rides. I’ve utilized it for complete six months, and americium impressed pinch its adjustable fit, sunglasses slot and mips protection, considering its price. It besides has 5 size options, making it much inclusive than astir of nan competition.

Sizes available: XS, S, M, L, XL | Weight: 370g | Crash protection: Mips

Lights built-in: Lumos Ultra MIPS

Lumos Ultra MIPS

The Lumos Ultra is simply a commuter helmet pinch beforehand and rear lights built in. Whenever I expect to beryllium riding successful nan metropolis astatine nighttime aliases successful low-visibility, I usage this helmet for added visibility. It tin brace pinch an Apple Watch aliases Lumos Remote (sold separately) to alteration further ray features for illustration move and brake signals. It feels a spot heavier than astir different helmets, successful my experience.

Sizes available: S, M, L | Weight: 370g | Crash protection: Mips

How to shop for a motorcycle helmet

Whether you are shopping online aliases heading to your section motorcycle shop, our experts opportunity to support nan pursuing successful mind:

Fit is crucial

“Every bully helmet should person immoderate benignant of retention system,” says Dewey. While different helmets whitethorn person different names for their retention strategy (VaporFit, Boa Fit, etc.), almost each return nan shape of a rotary dial connected nan backmost of nan caput that loosens and tightens interior bands successful nan helmet, starring to a much due fit.

Consider ventilation and aerodynamics

A higher priced helmet is often amended ventilated and much aerodynamic than a little priced one, says Dewey. If you unrecorded successful a basking climate, see investing successful a amended ventilated helmet, it will thief you enactment cool. 

For roadworthy riding aliases racing, an aerodynamic helmet pinch a rounded style and less vents tin trim aerial guidance and perchance make riding easier.

If damaged, switch immediately

While you mightiness not deliberation it, helmets deterioration down overtime. Dewey recommends replacing an undamaged helmet erstwhile each 5 to six years. Both Dewey and Ash Lovell, electrical motorcycle argumentation and run head astatine People For Bikes, urge replacing your helmet instantly if you are successful a clang aliases moreover a autumn wherever it is impacted. Even if it looks fine, your helmet could person a hairline crack, which tin discuss its structural integrity, making it little safe successful a early crash.

Meet our experts

At NBC Select, we activity pinch experts who person specialized knowledge and authority based connected applicable training and/or experience. We besides return steps to guarantee each master proposal and recommendations are made independently and without undisclosed financial conflicts of interest.

  • Alison Dewey is nan head of acquisition astatine nan League of American Bicyclists, a 501(c)3 statement dedicated to creating safer roads and stronger communities for bikers successful America.
  • Ash Lovell, Ph.D., is nan electrical bicycle argumentation and run head astatine People For Bikes, a Colorado non-profit that represents complete 320 different bicycle supplier members.

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