50 people injured after a 'strong movement' on Boeing flight to New Zealand

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Dozens of passengers were injured by a "strong movement" connected committee a Boeing-made level flying from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland successful New Zealand connected Monday, pinch immoderate requiring infirmary treatment, authorities said.

It’s unclear precisely what caused nan mid-flight injuries, but nan South American hose LATAM told The Associated Press news agency that location was a “technical arena during nan formation which caused a beardown movement," without elaborating further.

The section ambulance work successful Auckland told nan AP that astir 50 group were treated astatine nan segment for mostly mild injuries and 13 were taken to a section hospital.

LATAM Airlines Flight LA800, a 787-9 Dreamliner, landed arsenic scheduled successful Auckland astatine 4:26 p.m. section clip (11:26 p.m. Sunday ET) aft its 2 hours and 42 infinitesimal flight. It's not known really galore passengers were connected board, but nan Dreamliner tin clasp betwixt 250 and 280.

The hose besides told The New Zealand Herald successful a statement: "As a consequence of nan incident, immoderate passengers and compartment unit were affected. They received contiguous assistance and were evaluated aliases treated by aesculapian unit astatine nan airdrome arsenic needed."

The connection continued: "LATAM regrets nan inconvenience and wounded this business whitethorn person caused its passengers, and reiterates its committedness to information arsenic a privilege wrong nan model of its operational standards."

NBC News has contacted some nan hose and Boeing for comment.

Boeing has made headlines respective times successful caller months for method problems pinch its aircraft, astir notably erstwhile nan doorway sheet of an Alaska Airlines flight blew out midair over Portland, Oregon, connected Jan. 5.

Bright orangish flames were seen shooting retired of an motor a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 formation from Texas to Florida past week, forcing it to make an emergency landing.

And an investigation is underway aft different Boeing-made level flown by United suffered "stuck" rudder pedals astatine Newark Airport successful New Jersey past month.

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