5 Best Sturdy Stockings (2024): Tights, Pantyhose, Sustainable

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Whether you call them stockings, tights, aliases pantyhose, I emotion wearing them each twelvemonth round. Sheer achromatic hose make immoderate outfit sultry, and skin-color ones are for illustration limb makeup. Fishnets and patterns are conscionable fun. If you've only ever worn pantyhose successful an ovum from nan drugstore, it's clip to level up. Those ones thin to tally and tear easily, sometimes aft a azygous wear—or while you're still wearing them. They whitethorn costs you conscionable a fewer bucks, but erstwhile they've ripped, they spell pinch nan remainder of nan world's textile waste—straight to a landfill.

You don't person to walk a batch to get hosiery that will last. We tried a fewer brands that committedness durability. We wore them for a fewer washes and besides tugged and yanked and tried to rip them. No tights are going to beryllium bomb-proof, but these ones travel beautiful close.

Brenda Stolyar, Nena Farrell, Louryn Strampe, and Jaina Grey contributed testing to this guide.

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