3 men suspected in disappearance of U.S. sailing couple ordered deported from St. Vincent

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KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent — Three men from Grenada suspected in nan disappearance of a U.S. couple whose catamaran was hijacked were ordered deported from St. Vincent connected Monday.

The men, Trevon Robertson, a 19-year-old unemployed man; Abita Stanislaus, a 25-year-old farmer; and Ron Mitchell, a 30-year-old sailor, had pleaded blameworthy to migration charges successful a tribunal successful nan eastbound Caribbean land of St. Vincent.

Senior Magistrate Colin John ordered that they beryllium repatriated “as soon arsenic practicable.”

From Left, Trevon Robertson, Ron Mitchell, Abita StanislausFrom left: Trevon Robertson, Ron Mitchell, Abita StanislausRSVG Police Force

The men had escaped from a constabulary holding compartment successful Grenada connected Feb. 18 and are suspected of hijacking nan catamaran while Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel were aboard.

Police person said they believe the mates were thrown overboard as nan suspects sailed to St. Vincent, wherever they were arrested connected Feb. 21. They person not been charged successful nan case.

The investigation is ongoing, pinch authorities noting location were signs of unit aboard nan couple’s vessel recovered abandoned successful St. Vincent.

Last month, Robertson, Stanislaus and Mitchell were held astatine nan South Saint George Police Station successful Grenada when they escaped.

St. Vincent and nan Grenadines Police Superintendent Junior Simmons has said Brandel and Hendry were apt dead.

“Based connected nan investigation frankincense far, it is presumed that Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel are deceased,” Simmons said successful a video statement.

Kathy Brandel, beforehand left, and Ralph Hendry, beforehand right, pinch family.Kathy Brandel, beforehand left, and Ralph Hendry, beforehand right, pinch family.Courtesy Hendry Family

Royal Grenada Police Commissioner Don McKenzie has said nan 3 men escaped from jailhouse earlier they “commandeered” nan couple’s boat, called Simplicity, and headed north. The escapees boarded nan vessel while it was docked successful nan St. George area of Grenada, constabulary said.

The nonprofit Salty Dawg Sailing Association described Hendry and Brandel arsenic “veteran cruisers” who participated successful past year’s Caribbean Rally from Hampton, Virginia, to Antigua, and had planned to walk nan wintertime cruising successful nan eastbound Caribbean.

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