3 children, 2 adults die when Illinois school bus collides with tractor-trailer

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All 3 children connected a schoolhouse autobus were killed erstwhile it veered into oncoming postulation and collided pinch a tractor-trailer successful occidental Illinois connected Monday morning, authorities said.

The drivers of nan autobus and motortruck besides died, Illinois State Police said.

The vehicles were engulfed successful flames, and location were nary survivors, Capt. Jody Huffman said astatine an day news conference.

"No 1 should person to spell done this horrible situation," Huffman said.

It's not clear why nan autobus veered into oncoming postulation astir 11:30 a.m. connected Route 24 successful nan mini metropolis of Rushville, she said. State constabulary took complete nan investigation.

The names of those killed person not been publically released.

Sheriff Bill Redshaw said nan nonaccomplishment was quickly felt successful nan area of nan crash, Schuyler County, which has a organization of little than 7,000 and occupies 441 quadrate miles connected nan westbound broadside of nan state.

"It’s a close-knit family," he said, describing his community. "To person nonaccomplishment of life for illustration this, it’s devastating."

The autobus was headed east, and nan truck, transporting sand, was going westbound erstwhile nan collision happened, according to Huffman and a authorities constabulary statement.

U.S. Route 24, a awesome thoroughfare for nan region that yet connects it to Kansas City, Missouri, was nan taxable of an "extended closure" arsenic authorities continued to analyse what caused nan autobus to move into oncoming traffic, nan agency said.

The upwind was fair, pinch clear skies astatine nan clip of nan crash, according to National Weather Service data.

Dennis Romero

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