2 Georgia men charged with setting off bomb at woman's home and plotting to release python to 'eat' her daughter

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Two Georgia men person been federally charged successful relationship pinch a "sinister" crippled they hatched past twelvemonth to merchandise a python to devour nan girl of 1 of their ex's, prosecutors announced.

Stephen Glosser, 37, and Caleb Kinsey, 34, of Richmond Hill, were arrested successful February 2023 aft they group disconnected a homemade explosive astatine nan location of a female 1 of them had a erstwhile narration with.

On Thursday, they were indicted connected aggregate national charges for nan bombing and their crippled — which included mailing canine feces to nan ex's home, releasing a snake successful her residence, and scalping her, nan U.S. Attorney’s Office successful nan Southern District of Georgia announced.

They had plotted to get and release, “a ample python into nan victim’s location to eat nan victim’s daughter,” nan merchandise said.

The men look charges, including: stalking, conspiracy to usage an explosive to perpetrate a felony, usage of an explosive to perpetrate different felony offense, and possession of an unregistered device. Kinsey was further charged pinch mendacious connection during nan acquisition of a firearm and possession of firearms by a convicted felon.

The men had nan unfortunate nether surveillance from December 2022 to January 2023 “with nan intent to kill, injure, harass, aliases intimidate,” prosecutors said successful a news release.

They conspired to sprout arrows into nan victim’s beforehand door, message canine feces aliases dormant rats to nan victim’s home, scalp her and rustle up her home. 

Glosser had located nan victim’s location utilizing net searches and mapped retired a way to her residence, prosecutors said. Kinsey past acquired and built an explosive instrumentality astatine Glosser’s location utilizing Tannerite, which he purchased online. 

Then nan 2 utilized it to rustle up nan victim’s location connected Jan. 13, 2023. 

On that day, Bryan County emergency services responded to a study of an detonation astatine a residential building connected Demeries Lake Court successful Richmond Hill astatine 5 a.m., Georgia’s Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire said successful a release.

A multi-agency investigation recovered nan origin of nan detonation was an “IED comprised of a binary explosive compound.” 

The agency announced Glosser and Kinsey were arrested successful relationship pinch nan explosion. Kinsey had fled nan authorities and was arrested successful Louisiana, and Glosser was arrested locally. 

Bryan County Sheriff Mark Crowe antecedently described nan onslaught arsenic "sinister."

He told local ABC connection WJCL of Savannah that a female and kid had moved into nan residence nan time earlier nan detonation — and 1 of nan suspects had a anterior narration pinch nan woman.

Glosser and Kinsey are successful custody awaiting further tribunal proceedings. The docket for nan national lawsuit did not database lawyers for nan men.

Prosecutors said if convicted, nan conspiracy complaint carries a statutory punishment of up to 20 years successful prison, and nan complaint of utilizing an explosive to perpetrate a felony carries a punishment of an further 10 years. The merchandise noted, fixed these are national charges, nan men won't beryllium eligible for parole.

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