1st OTC birth control pill expected to be available as early as month's end

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Opill, nan first non-prescription commencement power pill approved successful nan United States, is expected to deed shop shelves astatine awesome retailers and pharmacies nationwide astir nan extremity of nan period aliases early April, nan pill’s maker, Perrigo, said Monday. 

The oral contraceptive was approved by nan Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter income past July. Known arsenic a "mini-pill," it contains 1 hormone, progestin, and is taken daily. 

Major aesculapian organizations, including nan American Medical Association and nan American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, person been pushing for years for an over-the-counter commencement power pill. Such options are already successful much than 100 different countries, according to Free nan Pill, an defense group.

“We are excited to study that Opill is now disposable for shipping and look guardant to this over-the-counter contraception soon becoming disposable for acquisition by group successful request of oral hormonal commencement control,” ACOG President Dr. Verda Hicks said successful a statement.

A one-month proviso will costs $19.99 and a three-month proviso will costs $49.99, Perrigo said successful a statement. A six-month proviso will beryllium disposable to acquisition online for $89.99. It will beryllium disposable to preorder arsenic early arsenic this week, nan drugmaker said.

Victoria Nichols, task head of Free nan Pill, said nan readiness of nan oral commencement power pill is simply a "landmark moment."

However, Nichols said, "Opill's suggested unit value will create barriers to access, particularly for young group and those moving to make ends meet."

Over-the-counter medications typically aren’t covered by insurance.

Almost half of nan 6.1 cardinal pregnancies successful nan United States each twelvemonth are unintended, according to nan FDA.

Opill’s rollout comes amid a activity of ineligible battles over women’s reproductive authorities pursuing nan 2022 Supreme Court Dobbs determination that overturned Roe v. Wade. This spring, nan Supreme Court will perceive oral arguments successful a lawsuit that takes purpose astatine policies that person expanded entree to mifepristone, nan supplier astir commonly utilized successful medicine abortions.

A survey published successful 2022 by KFF, a nonpartisan group that studies wellness argumentation issues, recovered that much than three-quarters of women of reproductive property said they favored an over-the-counter pill. The starring logic for supporting nan move from medicine to complete nan antagonistic was convenience.

Experts astatine an FDA advisory committee gathering past year said that an over-the-counter pill would beryllium particularly important for teenagers, who often person barriers to seeing a expert aliases conscionable haven’t seen an OB-GYN yet. (When nan FDA approved Opill, it was for each users of reproductive age, including teens.)

Opill was recovered to beryllium 93% effective successful preventing gestation pinch emblematic use, according to a study presented astatine nan committee meeting, akin to prescription commencement power pills. The pill must beryllium taken astatine nan aforesaid clip each time aliases location is nan consequence of an unintended pregnancy.

In its approval, nan FDA noted that broadside effects specified arsenic irregular bleeding whitethorn require seeing a doctor.

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