'1899' Fans Still Want Answers

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Person opinionated up pinch their hands and eyes raised while seated group outcry astir them Still from 1899.Netflix

1899, a subject fabrication bid from Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, creators of nan deed TV show Dark, premiered connected Netflix successful November 2022. TV shaper Ruairi Carroll enjoyed nan show’s mysterious characters and storyline.

“Whatever measurement Netflix algorithms work, it was being pushed connected my surface each nan time,” Carroll says successful Episode 562 of nan Geek’s Guide to nan Galaxy podcast. “And I was seeing a batch of trailers connected YouTube, because I travel nan Netflix transmission connected YouTube. And I benignant of burned done it to statesman with, and had a awesome time, I’ve sewage to say.”

Despite nan fanfare, 1899 was quickly canceled, concluding nan bid connected a achy cliffhanger that near nan show’s galore mysteries wholly unresolved. Geek’s Guide to nan Galaxy big David Barr Kirtley was disappointed that Netflix would extremity nan show successful specified a frustrating way. “It’s been much than a twelvemonth since nan show came out, and I’m still conscionable perpetually seeing group grousing connected societal media like, ‘How could Netflix money this stupid show aliases this stupid show? Why don’t they springiness america much 1899? That’s what we really want,'” he says.

Fantasy writer Erin Lindsey enjoyed 1899, but understands why nan show was canceled, fixed nan galore indications that nan communicative was spinning retired of control. “There was immoderate superior storytelling entropy going on,” she says. “I deliberation it was going beautiful good for nan first fewer episodes, and past each section sewage exponentially weirder aft that, to nan constituent that I had mislaid patience by nan end.”

So is location immoderate dream that 1899 fans will ever find retired what it each means? TV writer Andrea Kail hopes nan answers will beryllium forthcoming successful 1 shape aliases another. “Here’s my connection for Netflix, aliases astatine slightest nan producers,” she says. “Could you please conscionable show maine what happened? Explain it to me. I don’t care, constitute it out. I conscionable want to know. I conscionable want to cognize what happens next.”

Listen to nan complete question and reply pinch Ruairi Carroll, Erin Lindsey, and Andrea Kail successful Episode 562 of Geek’s Guide to nan Galaxy (above). And cheque retired immoderate highlights from nan chat below.

Andrea Kail connected mysteries:

Does it each person to make sense? I’ve been having this speech pinch my friend lately. She doesn’t for illustration mysteries. She wants everything explained to her arsenic you go, and I’m conscionable like, “Well, fto it spell successful nan moment. Eventually possibly you’ll get an explanation, and sometimes not getting an mentation is still satisfactory.” That’s astir apt conscionable maine arsenic a reader/viewer. It doesn’t fuss maine … I for illustration not having each nan questions answered. I americium very overmuch a “let it lavation complete me” person, particularly if my first impression, erstwhile I’m doing that, is that it’s great.

Ruairi Carroll connected Mystery Box shows:

I don’t mind nan Mystery Box thing. Well, I tin return it to a definite extent. I benignant of fell retired of Lost. I enjoyed The Leftovers from a mates of years ago, and Dark. But past sometimes I do tally retired of roadworthy pinch it. And I’ll beryllium honorable pinch you, location are days wherever I was rather happy to skip complete thing that was a Mystery Box and conscionable put connected Reacher connected Amazon, and conscionable watch a large man deed group … Just spell pinch it, that’s nan only point I tin opportunity astir these Mystery Box things. Just spell pinch it. You’ll either bang your caput disconnected nan wall for nan remainder of nan nighttime reasoning astir it, aliases you’ll beryllium like, “OK, I’m firing up Jack Reacher.”

David Barr Kirtley connected Dark vs. 1899:

What happened to maine pinch Dark is that astatine nan extremity of Season 1, I was like, “There’s nary measurement they tin perchance wrap this up. There’s nary measurement this each makes sense.” And past astatine nan extremity of Season 2, I was like, “OK, they did a amazingly bully job—way amended than I was expecting—of making this each make sense, truthful I’m hopeful that successful Season 3 everything will really make sense.” And past pinch Season 3, I was like, “Eh, I still person a database of for illustration a 100 things that they ne'er answered that were benignant of important.” So if this had followed nan aforesaid pattern, I’m judge a batch of things would person been answered successful a satisfactory way, but I’m still near pinch nan overwhelming belief that astatine nan extremity of Season 3 location would person been a database of a 100 things that cipher tin answer.”

Erin Lindsey connected Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese:

I deliberation if anyone’s going to propulsion disconnected [a Mystery Box show], it could good beryllium these guys. We’ve picked it apart. That’s our job, a small bit, connected this show, but this was an enjoyable show. It was flawed, successful my opinion, but it was enjoyable, and I deliberation that moreover if I preferred Dark to this, I proceed to beryllium impressed by nan attraction to item and conscionable nan axenic ambition of what these guys are putting out, and they could good nail it 1 day. I would urge this show arsenic enjoyable if flawed, and I will watch nan adjacent point they put out, and nan adjacent point aft that, because I person a emotion that 1 of these days they’re going to deed it retired of nan park.

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