16 SWAT officers hospitalized after blast at training facility in Southern California

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IRVINE, Calif. — An detonation during an indoor training workout Wednesday sent 16 members of Southern California’s Orange County Sheriff’s Department SWAT squad to nan hospital, pinch 1 personification requiring room for a limb injury, nan section said.

Two others had superficial wounds while nan remaining 13 had dizziness and ringing successful their ears.

The blast occurred soon earlier 1 p.m. astatine nan installation successful a distant area of Irvine, said sheriff’s Sgt. Frank Gonzalez. It was not instantly clear what caused nan explosion, but it happened during a training pinch nan sheriff’s explosive squad, he said.

The astir terrible wounded was a non-life-threatening limb coiled that will require surgery, Gonzalez said. The 2 different wounded deputies won’t require surgery, he said.

Helicopter news footage showed a mini one-story building encircled by yellowish constabulary portion surrounded by grassy fields.

No FBI unit were injured, said bureau spokesperson Laura Eimiller.

The FBI Special Agent Jerry Crowe Regional Tactical Training Facility southbound of Los Angeles hosts firearms training and qualifications tests for nan bureau and section rule enforcement agencies, Eimiller said.

The FBI will lead nan investigation, Gonzalez said.

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