11 cozy pajama sets to replace your old T-shirt with

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An old, oversized garment is good to slumber in, but there’s conscionable thing astir a pajama group that makes getting cozy and dozing disconnected much enjoyable. 

“Pajamas tin make you consciousness polished, play a domiciled successful regulating your assemblage somesthesia while you sleep, connection a higher grade of coziness and comfortableness and besides awesome to your assemblage that it’s clip to upwind down and hole for sleep,” says Ali Mejia, co-founder of Eberjey, a sleepwear and loungewear brand.  

Since choosing pajamas for your wind-down regular is arguably arsenic important arsenic choosing nan champion pillow aliases sheets, we talked to 2 sleepwear experts astir cardinal factors to see while shopping, for illustration worldly and price. We’re besides sharing top-rated options our NBC Select unit deterioration and love. 

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How we picked nan champion pajamas

To curate a database of nan champion pajama sets, we consulted 2 sleepwear experts for shopping guidance: Mejia and Emily Hikade, laminitis and CEO of Petite Plume, a sleepwear brand. We didn’t, however, inquire them for recommendations, truthful immoderate Eberjey aliases Petite Plume products connected this database are location because they travel highly recommended by NBC Select unit who person acquisition pinch them. With that being said, our experts opportunity you should see this criteria while shopping:

  • Material: The correct worldly will dangle connected your preferences and nan type of sleeper you are. Our database includes cotton, silk, spandex, modal bamboo and more. 
  • Design: Based connected individual preference, you whitethorn beryllium much inclined to take circumstantial designs. Some communal pairings see camisoles and shorts, camisoles and pants, t-shirts and shorts, t-shirts and pants, and agelong sleeves and pants. 
  • Price: Pajama sets alteration successful value because immoderate travel pinch bottoms and tops included while others are sold individually. Our database includes options arsenic debased arsenic $22 and arsenic precocious arsenic $160.

The champion pajama sets successful 2024

The pursuing pajama sets are favorites of NBC Select editors and see various creation and worldly options to suit each type of sleeper. 

Best fund pajama set: Stars Above

Stars Above Women’s Beautifully Soft Short Sleeve Notch Collar Top and Shorts Pajama Set

Stars Above Women’s Beautifully Soft Short Sleeve Notch Collar Top and Shorts Pajama Set

“I’ve been wearing these sets for years because they’re soft, cozy and affordable,” says NBC Select SEO editor Nikki Brown. “You don’t person to interest astir sacrificing value for value erstwhile you get these.” Even aft aggregate washes, Stars Above pajama sets enactment successful awesome information arsenic agelong arsenic you travel nan attraction instructions, according to Brown. 

Material: 95% modal, 5% spandex | Sizes: XS-4X | Colors: Black, Navy, Gray, Light Beige, Light pink, Rose pink, Light Blue, Green floral, Rose pink/striped 

Best luxury pajama set: Cotidié

Cotidié Candace Scallop Long Sleeve Sleep Top

Cotidié Candace Scallop Long Sleeve Sleep Top

Although this pajama group was NBC Select editorial head Lauren Swanson’s “something blue” nan nighttime earlier her wedding, it’s now a staple successful her nighttime lineup. “They are much than buttery soft; they are fancy-French-butter soft,” says Swanson. “Combine these pinch freshly washed sheets and a ablution to nonstop dopamine levels done nan roof. Truly, conscionable reasoning astir them makes my encephalon melt into axenic peace.” You tin brace this apical pinch its matching scallop slumber shorts aliases scallop slumber pants. 

Material: 92% modal, 8% spandex | Sizes: XXS-4XL | Colors: Blue Heron, Rumba Red, Black

Best temperature-regulating pajama set: Neiwai

Neiwai Classic Cozy Pajama Tee

Neiwai Classic Cozy Pajama Tee

This marque makes immoderate of my favourite pajamas, and aft trying long-sleeve and sound options, I wanted to diversify my lineup and, luckily, fell successful emotion pinch this short-sleeve and agelong sound set. For context, I americium usually excessively basking aliases excessively acold while sleeping — but successful these pajamas, I tin scope that cleanable balance. That’s because they’re soft and cozy but highly lightweight and breathable, truthful I’m not overheating aliases layering connected 100 blankets. The Classic Cozy statement has different variations, truthful I’m capable to deterioration nan aforesaid bottoms and alternate betwixt different shirts. 

Material: 57% modal, 20% acrylic, 18% viscose, 5% spandex | Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Purple Dove, White Swan, Pecan

Best T-shirt and short pajama set: Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

Cozy Earth Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set

NBC Select editor Lindsay Schneider slips into this pajama group whenever she wants to consciousness cozy and “put together” earlier bed. “The cloth has a really soft, luxe consciousness to it,” she says. Plus, nan shorts are designed pinch a drawstring truthful you tin set nan fit. 

Material: 95% viscose from bamboo, 5% spandex | Sizes: XS-XXXL | Colors: Walnut, Blush, Celadon Toile, Rouge Toile, Ivory, Navy, Grey, Black, Powder Blue, Lilac, Mini Dot, Olive, Pomegranate

Best versatile pajama set: Eberjey

Eberjey Gisele Tencel Modal Slouchy Set

Eberjey Gisele Tencel Modal Slouchy Set

Eberjey makes immoderate of Shari Uyehara’s, NBC Select head of editorial operations, favourite pajamas. This long-sleeve and sound group has a relaxed fresh for a roomy and slouchy feel, but you tin besides customize nan fresh pinch its adjustable sash. Reviewers opportunity this set, successful particular, is versatile capable to deterioration arsenic some pajamas and loungewear. 

Material: 95% tencel modal, 5% spandex | Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Agave/Ivory, Ciel/Navy, Haute Red, Navy/Ivory, Black/Ivory

Best eco-friendly pajama set: Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Slumber Short Sleeve

Girlfriend Collective Slumber Short Sleeve

NBC Select accumulation coordinator Kelsey Fredericks swears by this t-shirt and short combo, made partially pinch recycled fabric material. “I consciousness for illustration I’m wearing thing but a broad of clouds erstwhile I spell to slumber successful it,” she says.   

Material: 50% recycled cotton, 50% tencel modal | Sizes: XXS-6XL | Colors: Morning Mist, Chamomile, Amethyst, Black, Tea, Bonsai, Papaya, Water Lily

Best cooling pajama set: Ekaour

Ekaour Pajama Set

Ekaour Pajama Set

NBC Select elder societal media editor Rosalie Sparaco, an highly basking sleeper, says this is nan champion group she’s ever owned, acknowledgment to nan cooling cloth that still feels soft aft aggregate washes. The elevated creation is besides akin to costly alternatives she’s antecedently tried. Since falling successful emotion pinch this pajama set, she’s purchased 2 much from nan marque and presently rotates betwixt each three. 

Material: 95% rayon, 50% spandex | Sizes: XS-XXL | Colors: Black, White, Army green, Caramel, Clear blue, Deep flower gray, Green and 22 more

Best camisole pajama set: Petite Plume

Petite Plume Women’s Silk Cami Short Set successful Azure Stripe

Petite Plume Women's Silk Cami Short Set successful Azure Stripe

I was talented this pajama group for Christmas, and deterioration it perpetually because nan silk worldly conscionable makes maine consciousness luxurious and confident. Is anyone watching maine sleep? No, but I emotion emotion put together, moreover successful bed. I besides for illustration wearing shorts because agelong pants tin sometimes consciousness restrictive, truthful this is my dream creation and material.

Material: 100% mulberry silk | Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: Azure stripe, Pink stripe, Green stripe

Best short-sleeve and sound pajama set: Lulus

Lulus Pleasant Dreams White Satin Two-Piece Pajama Set

Lulus Pleasant Dreams White Satin Two-Piece Pajama Set

This duo is silky, soft and lightweight, and nan cloth value is great, according to NBC Select updates editor Mili Godio. “This 1 is cleanable for basking sleepers for illustration maine because nan satin feels cool connected my skin,” she says. Keep successful mind, however, that nan worldly is see-through, according to Godio. 

Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex | Sizes: XS-XL | Colors: White

Best lukewarm pajama set: L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Women’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

L.L. Bean Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajamas

This flannel option, which has a 4.5-star mean standing from complete 5,300 reviews connected Amazon, keeps you lukewarm and cozy acknowledgment to its brushed fabric, which intends nan fabric worldly was manipulated to create a softer feel, according to nan brand. Reviewers opportunity nan worldly remains soft to nan touch moreover aft aggregate washes, but urge sizing up arsenic nan bottoms whitethorn shrink if not decently dried.

Material: Portuguese flannel | Sizes: XS-XL (and petite, positive and gangly sizing available) | Colors: Black Watch, Bean of Freeport Cream, Angus, Dress Gordon, Indigo Tartan, Rob Roy, Vintage Tartan, Washed Bucanan 

Best bundle: Lake Pajama

Lake Pajama Pime Bundle 

Lake Pajama Pime Bundle

Lake Pajama makes immoderate of Schneider’s favourite sleepwear, for illustration this nightgown, and she particularly loves nan 100% Pima fabric cloth utilized for various styles crossed nan brand. “This is nan absolute softest cloth I’ve ever put connected my body,” she says. If you want to effort 1 of their sets, this bundle includes a T-shirt, shorts for basking nights and agelong pants for colder ones.  

Material: 100% Pima fabric | Sizes: XXS-XXL | Colors: Dusty Blue Antoinette, Parisian Green, Hydrangea 

How to shop for pajama sets

While shopping for a pajama set, not only should you find a shape aliases people you love, but our experts besides urge reasoning astir nan pursuing factors to thief determine which action is champion for you:

Type of sleeper 

Lightweight fabrics for illustration silk and a breathable fabric blend are awesome if you thin to tally basking passim nan night, she says. When it comes to design, see choosing a short set, nightgown aliases nightshirt, says Hikade.

Soft, brushed fabrics, for illustration flannel, will support acold sleepers lukewarm without causing you to overheat, according to Mejia. More covered-up styles, for illustration long-sleeves and pants, supply added warmth arsenic well, she says. 


When it comes to sleepwear, comfortableness should beryllium nan apical priority, according to Hikade. However, comfortability genuinely depends connected individual preference. Some for illustration a loose, generous fresh and others for illustration a much fitted garment that doesn’t move astir during sleep, says Mejia. A looser-fitting action allows for breathability and movement, while a tighter action feels snug yet cozy, nan second of which tin beryllium astir beneficial for children, says Hikade. 

Design features

There are definite creation elements you want to salary attraction to erstwhile shopping for pajama sets, whether they are large aliases small:

  • Soft threads and stitching: While these specifications whitethorn not look noticeable, they’re important to statement because you don’t want thing harsh aliases abrasive that will flick astatine you while you sleep, according to Mejia. 
  • Elastics: This gives you nan correct magnitude of agelong which helps to create a much comfortable fit, says Mejia.
  • Drawstrings: This constituent is simply a awesome measurement to maximize comfort, according to Hikade. They besides connection much versatility, says Mejia.
  • Pockets: This characteristic is great, particularly if you’re busy, connected nan go, aliases misplacing your items. It gives you a spot to gaffe successful your belongings if you’re wearing pajamas astir nan location earlier bedtime, says Hikade. 

How to champion attraction for your pajamas

To guarantee nan longevity of your favourite pajamas, it’s important to cognize nan circumstantial cloth and really champion to attraction for it. Cotton pajamas tin beryllium washed successful your machine, but support them pinch for illustration colors to debar discoloration and instrumentality barren without heat, according to Hikade. Certain silk pajamas tin beryllium machine-washed arsenic well, but double-check nan tags to beryllium sure, according to our experts. 

For immoderate pajamas that tin beryllium machine-washed, Hikade mostly recommends placing them successful a mini laundry container isolated from your different apparel and washing connected a acold cycle. After that, it whitethorn beryllium champion to skip nan dryer and laic your group level to aerial barren alternatively — this will thief to support its shape, according to Hikade. 

Meet our experts

At NBC Select, we activity pinch experts who person specialized knowledge and authority based connected applicable training and/or experience. We besides return steps to guarantee each master proposal and recommendations are made independently and without undisclosed financial conflicts of interest.

  • Ali Mejia is nan co-founder of Eberjey, a sleepwear and loungewear brand.
  • Emily Hikade is nan laminitis and CEO of Petite Plume, a sleepwear brand.

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Bianca Alvarez is an subordinate newsman astatine NBC Select.