11 Best Weighted Blankets (2024): Cooling, Throws, and Eye Masks

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Most of nan weighted blankets we've tested are worthy recommending—and location are a batch of them. However, these didn't guidelines retired arsenic overmuch arsenic nan picks above.

Quince's Knit Weighted Blanket for $150: This open-knit broad costs little than Bearaby's but is arsenic high-quality and uses a recycled polyester fill. There's conscionable 1 15-pound weight option, and it's a spot much rigid than what Bearaby offers. I for illustration some models, but if you want a drapey blanket, spell pinch Bearaby. (Quince makes immoderate of our favourite sheets.) Available successful 15 pounds

Luxome Weighted Blanket for $105 to $250: Luxome makes a brace of my favorite sheets, and now I besides emotion its blanket. I tried nan one-piece broad pinch 1 broadside made of bamboo lyocell and nan different a plush minky fabric, but location are a fewer options including those pinch a abstracted cover. Lying nether nan bamboo was other cooling successful nan champion way. It comes successful an awesome magnitude of weight options. Available successful 8, 15, 18, aliases 25 pounds

Sleep Number True Temp Weighted Blanket for $200: This broad comes pinch a screen that's meant to enactment cool passim nan nighttime and this was beautiful meticulous successful my experience. I recovered nan polyester worldly to beryllium just somewhat scratchy, truthful I wouldn't want to slumber straight nether it, but I typically furniture a weighted broad complete a expanse and comforter anyway. Available successful 12 aliases 20 pounds

Luna Sherpa Throw for $68: We emotion Luna’s galore options linked above, and this sherpa propulsion is incredibly soft and conscionable dense capable for its size. It's instrumentality washable too. Available successful 10 pounds

Gravity Weighted Blanket for $250 to $300: The Basics by Gravity is our apical prime because it's a awesome broad for a awesome price. This original broad from nan marque is besides stellar and is disposable successful much weights, sizes, and beautiful colors, but you'll person to ammunition retired for it. Available successful 15, 20, aliases 35 pounds

Gravity's Flex Travel Blanket for $50: Gravity besides makes a mini 10-pound broad that folds into its included bag. It's a spot noisy, for illustration nan worldly of a sleeping bag, but if you request thing connected nan spell it's not a bad option. Available successful 10 pounds

Tranquility Cooling Weighted Blanket for $40 to $50: A batch of fund weighted blankets are disappointing. This 1 genuinely amazed me. It felt awesome to cuddle up under, and it's sufficiently weighty pinch 1 soft broadside and a slinky cool broadside (that stayed beautiful cool). Unfortunately, nan 1 we tried is astir ever retired of stock, but location are others disposable from nan brand that mightiness beryllium worthy a shot. Available successful 15 aliases 20 pounds

Thera Weighted Blanket for $79 to $129: This broad mightiness beryllium nan softest point I've ever touched, for illustration petting a furry animal. After my first fewer weeks pinch it, however, it ripped and fto solid beads return complete my furniture for illustration sand. I deliberation kitty claws sewage nan champion of it, truthful support that successful mind and dainty it carefully. Available successful 10, 12, aliases 15 pounds

Aricove Weighted Blanket for $170 to $200: This is simply a awesome cooling broad to slumber pinch solo. It's bully and thin, truthful you won't consciousness trapped aliases excessively basking underneath. Available successful 10, 12, 15, 17 20, aliases 22 pounds

Casper Weighted Blanket for $169 to $189: Casper is different celebrated bedding marque whose broad is classical cool fabric alternatively than knit aliases plush, which tin get hot. About nan size of a propulsion blanket, it's dense capable that moreover nan lightest exemplary gives you that comfortably squished feeling, while nan heaviest is for illustration a Thundershirt for humans. Casper has predominant income too. Available successful 10, 15, aliases 20 pounds

Layla Weighted Blanket for $189 to $239: Our tester loved snuggling pinch a partner nether Layla's monolithic king-size blanket. It's double-sided pinch 1 fabric and 1 plush side. Available successful 15, 20, aliases 25 pounds

Yogibo Calm Antimicrobial Weighted Blanket for $159: The existent broad is cool cotton, but nan existent tie present is Yogibo’s celebrated cotton-and-spandex blend it uses for its covers. The institution says it's insanely soft, and it isn't lying. It's stretchy, smooth, and instrumentality washable (the existent broad is not). I recovered that pet hairsbreadth clings to it though, which is communal pinch softer fabrics. Available successful 15 pounds

Gravid Weighted Blanket for $189 to $199: This broad comes pinch a plush aliases cooling screen (or both), and this is wherever it shines. There's thing worse than a broad screen pinch only a fewer attachment points truthful that aft a fewer minutes underneath it, everything is twisted and disconnected to 1 side. Gravid's screen attaches pinch a zipper that goes nan full magnitude of nan blanket. Why different brands don't do this is beyond me. Available successful 15 aliases 20 pounds