11 Best Tents (2024): Backpacking, Family, and Ultralight

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There are hundreds of tents retired there. If nary of our apical picks rather useful for you, present are a fewer things to see while doing your ain research.

Know really you scheme to usage your tent. Are you a car camper? Backpacker? Bike packer? All of nan above? If you're chiefly headed to established campgrounds, there's nary request for an costly ultralight tent. By nan aforesaid token, if you're not happy until nan way caput is 20 miles down you, it mightiness beryllium worthy sacrificing surviving abstraction to prevention weight. The unfortunate truth is that location are very fewer tents that activity good successful nan backcountry and nan campground. It's often worthy buying a bully backcountry shelter and thing inexpensive for campgrounds to spare your costly shelter nan added deterioration and tear.

Keep nan upwind successful mind. “Three-season” aliases “four-season” usually refers to really overmuch ventilation (that is, mesh) nan shelter has. A three-season shelter will connection amended ventilation but will person a harder clip retaining heat. For astir people, a three-season shelter is fine. But if you're readying to snowshoe into nan backcountry, aliases if you unrecorded successful bluish climes and want immoderate protection against nan occasional early aliases precocious wintertime squall, past a four-season shelter mightiness beryllium appropriate.

What specs are important?

  • Floor space: We look astatine all nan dimensions, alternatively than nan four-person aliases six-person designations. Those thin to presume that each campers are pint-sized people. Remember that you will astir apt want to support spare apparel aliases a backpack successful nan shelter itself and that you request it to beryllium agelong capable to agelong retired comfortably for your height. Be aware, though, that location are immoderate restrictions connected shelter size; beryllium judge to cheque retired nan regulations astatine nan campground you're readying to visit.
  • Headroom: Can you guidelines up successful nan tent? How steep are nan walls? The steeper nan broadside walls nan better, since that gives you much abstraction to move around.
  • Storage areas: Are location plentifulness of pockets to stash your smaller items? The much mesh pockets nan merrier, particularly higher pockets that won't trim sleeping space. We emotion area pockets for stashing headlamps to springiness nan shelter a bully moreover ray to publication by.
  • Vestibule: Does it person one? Two? Is it large capable to shop boots and different cogwheel that you want to enactment barren but don't want to person successful nan shelter pinch you? If you're backpacking, is it large capable to safely navigator under?
  • A footprint. What benignant of tent, successful nan twelvemonth 2024, doesn’t travel pinch a footprint? Quite a fewer it turns out. We propose them successful astir cases, truthful you'll want to facet successful nan added costs if nan shelter you're willing successful doesn't person one.
  • Materials: These days, astir tents are made from nylon that's coated successful polyurethane, silicone, aliases acrylic to thief it shed water. Most, but not all, tents travel seam-sealed truthful h2o doesn't leak in, but if yours isn't, REI has a awesome guideline to doing it yourself. We besides for illustration to look for much eco-friendly, perchance healthier fabrics that person certifications for illustration bluesign.

How Heavy Should a Backpacking Tent Be?

Is a 6-pound shelter excessively dense for backpacking? How astir 5 pounds? Four? The reply is that it depends really overmuch everything other you're carrying weighs, but a bully norm of thumb is that your shelter should measurement astir 2.5 pounds per personification connected nan trip. So for 2 people, a 5-pound shelter would beryllium fine. Split nan weight by having 1 personification transportation nan shelter and stakes while nan different carries nan poles and rainfall fly. That said, evidently a 4-pound shelter is going to beryllium moreover lighter divided for illustration this. If you tin spend it, spell pinch nan lighter tent, your backmost will convey you. It besides whitethorn good beryllium imaginable to shave immoderate weight disconnected nan remainder of your backpacking kit, frankincense making a 6-pound shelter acceptable truthful agelong arsenic you divided nan weight pinch your partner.

Less weight intends much money. This isn't always true, but unfortunately, it usually is. If you want to spell ultralight, you're going to person to walk more. But earlier you fork complete nan large bucks, inquire yourself: Do I really attraction astir redeeming 6 ounces? Are you going to announcement those 6 ounces astatine nan extremity of a 20-mile day? If nan reply is yes, past rejoice. There is an net subculture of group who obsess complete redeeming ounces. The r/ultralight Reddit is simply a bully spot to commencement your research.