1 dead, 12 injured in shooting at Mississippi nightclub

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A shooting astatine a Mississippi nightclub early Sunday near 1 personification dormant and astatine slightest a twelve others injured, according to rule enforcement officials.

The shooting occurred conscionable aft midnight Sunday astatine nan Oasis nine successful West Point, Mississippi.

A woman, identified arsenic 20-year-old Taleese Chandler, died, and astatine slightest 12 group were injured, nan Clay County Sheriff’s Department said.

Preliminary investigations bespeak nan shooting whitethorn person been planned successful advance, officials said.

“From nan clip they sewage location to erstwhile nan shooting occurred, location was a very mini window. It wasn’t capable clip for personification to beryllium arguing aliases fighting complete a female aliases thing for illustration that,” Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott told NBC News. “It was beautiful good wrong a short timeframe that it happened.”

Scott said officials sewage nan "perception" that location had been "some ongoing issues pinch different groups. Apparently they were each successful nan aforesaid building."

Authorities judge location were aggregate shooters astatine nan venue, but nary arrests person been made successful nan case. The nine has been unopen down pursuing nan shooting.

“Investigators located aggregate caliber ammunition casings from nan scene,” nan sheriff’s section said successful a news release.

An out-of-town promoter was hosting an arena astatine nan nine that night, and astir 95% of those successful attendance were from surrounding areas, according to nan sheriff’s department.

"The nine reported having 14 information guards coming for nan event, yet it is unclear really guns made it wrong of nan club," nan section said.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office, West Point Police Department, nan Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Homeland Security and nan Mississippi Department of Public Safety are investigating nan incident.

Katherine Itoh

Katherine Itoh is simply a news subordinate for NBC News.